You gotta include THESE 7 must-have meaty dishes on your next food trail in Lucknow!

You gotta include THESE 7 must-have meaty dishes on your next food trail in Lucknow!

Apart from the OG Tunday Kababi, Raheem's & Idris, how many of these non-veg dishes in Lucknow have you tried yet?

Honestly, it is not without any reason that Lucknow- the Land of Nawabs is also famous as the land of kebabs. People from all across the world travel to this magical city to devour some of the best non-vegetarian delicacies known to mankind. A heaven for foodies, Lucknow has a gamut of delectable offerings apart from the OG Tunday Kababi, Idris & Raheem's.

To save you from the hassle of choosing what to try on your next food trail in Lucknow, here's a list of 7 off-beat non-veg dishes that you must have!

Gilafi Seekh Kebab @ The Great Kabab Factory Express

The Gilafi Seekh Kabab at The Great Kabab Factory Express in Lucknow is another bomb dish that you cannot miss on your next food mission.

And once you've tasted this, you'd surely be wishing for more! That's where the buffet at TGKFE comes as a saviour, letting you enjoy your favourites from their lavish 6-course meal.

While you're planning on devouring this scrumptious seekh kebab, there are multiple other Mughlai dishes yet to roll out on the table right in front of you, only at the TGKF Express!

Location: Mahanagar

Lamb chops @ Molecule Air Bar

Instead of just serving food, Molecule Air Bar in Lucknow unravels a whole new gastronomical experience for its guests. Witness this magical experience yourself by ordering the Punjabi special Lamb Chops here!

A chef's special, the juicy Lamb Chops served with the special Molecule sauce, are as good for your belly as for them eyes. You gotta taste it to believe it!

Location: RiverSide Mall, Vipin Khand,

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tikka @ Distillery

Originally from Jamaica, this dish is full of flavours packed in together to offer a wholesome and rather different kind of chicken tikka. Fiery hot, fragrant and smoky, the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tikka at Distillery is a firework ready to rock your tastebuds and if you don't believe us try it out yourself!

Rest assured, this scrumptious serving will not disappoint you with its taste. If anything, the presentation of chicken tikka with pickled onion rings and the classic mint chutney is sure to make you fall in love at the first sight!

Location: Summit building, Vibhuti Khand

Bhatti Ka Murgh @ Mashup

Known for amping up Lucknow's cafe scene, Mashup is also famed for its lip-smacking food menu and this dish proves it all right. A true winner winner chicken dinner, the Bhatti ka Murg by Mashup Cafe & Bar is nothing less than a dream.

A whole leg of chicken marinated with butter and spices, grilled to perfection and served with love, this is a killer dish for chicken lovers. And as you can see, it looks like a real treat too, so grab that Instagram story before your binge on this.

Location: Summit Building, Gomti Nagar

Mutton Handi @ Kalika Hut

If you wish to enjoy the authentic Mutton Handi in Lucknow, head out to Kalika Hut. An affordable and family-friendly restaurant, Kalika Hut is famous for serving this rich traditional mutton stew prepared with flavouful spices.

We like to pair this velvety rich masala mutton gravy with their mutton- lehsun for an additional dash of flavours and we recommend you do the same. You can thank us later!

Location: Gomti Nagar

Ikaan Bakar Fish @ BohoBar 

Apart from its bohemian decor and welcoming vibe, BohoBar in Lucknow is known for serving delectable food and this dish is proof of the same! The Ikaan Bakar Fish- a preparation of grilled freshwater fish, seasoned with a spice marinade, wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf is yet another delight that one can not miss in Lucknow.

Originated in Malaysia, this dish has found a lot of callers in the City of Nawabs as well. Basically, Ikaan Bakar Fish by BohoBar has our heart and if you haven't tasted this tender meaty dish, go try it now!

Location: Ground Floor, Levana Cyber Height, Vibhuti Khand

Dohra Kebab @My Bar Headquarters

An Indian appetizer plate is incomplete without some mouth-watering seekh kebabs! Now, the Dohra kebab at My Bar Headquarters are worth mentioning because of the over-the-top feeling they render to you.

As the name suggests, it is double-layered, mostly comprising two different layers of mutton. And then decorated on a nice seekh (stick), of course. It is served with chutney and a side of onion rings with lemon wedges, and that makes the kebab jucier!

Please note, booze lovers, it makes for a heavenly experience when you combine the succulent kebabs with a single barrel bourbon whiskey.

Location: Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand

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