Zero Covid cases recorded in UP districts

Zero Covid cases recorded in UP districts

A steady decline in the number of fresh Covid cases, indeed a sigh of relief!

A moment of solace for Lucknowites is in order as no new entries for Covid have been registered in the past few days. From 3 lakh to zero cases recorded, it surely is an achievement unlocked.

According to Health Department Officials, the last case was reported more than a week back and that the patient was declared recovered after the quarantine period.

Some relevant insights on Covid 

The first case of Covid was recorded on March 11, 2020. It almost seemed like a never-ending misery back at that time, and also brought a change in the lives of many people. Healthcare workers worked incessantly for almost 3 years which finally gave fruitful results.

Lucknow withstood the 3 deadly waves of this infection. The Kappa Variant, The Delta Variant, and The Omicron Variant. The virus took nearly 3000 lives.

The most dangerous wave was the second wave, which was caused by the Delta Variant. Over 1.5 lakh cases were diagnosed during the second wave and nearly 1400 death were reported during that time. The number of cases went so high that there was a shortage of oxygen cylinders and beds in the city.

Post the first wave of Covid a massive vaccination campaign was launched that covered almost 90% of the total population of the city. This tough time has taught a lot of things to the people and also that the government needs to work on the health framework of the city.

Chief medical officer Dr. Manoj Agrawal said, "We should not take Covid-19 casually till it is completely eradicated. People should follow hand hygiene and wearing a mask will protect from pollution and also help in combating respiratory diseases." This needs to be paid heed to, on all levels

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