Kanpur witnesses a decline in Zika virus cases; no new case recorded in the last 24 hours

Kanpur witnesses a decline in Zika virus cases; no new case recorded in the last 24 hours

Currently, there are 96 active cases of Zika virus infection in Kanpur

The spread of Zika virus has finally taken a downward slope in Kanpur as no new cases of this mosquito-borne infection were reported in the city yesterday. According to the officials of the UP government, the Zika situation has improved in Uttar Pradesh as no fresh infections were detected in Kanpur, Kannauj and Lucknow in the last 24 hours. As of now, there are 96 active cases in Kanpur while Lucknow has recorded 3 cases to date.

123 cases of Zika virus detected in Kanpur so far!

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With no fresh cases detected in the last 24 hours, the cumulative count of Zika virus cases in Kanpur stands at 123 cases, as of now. Reportedly, the Chief Minister of UP has directed officials to seek ASHA workers' help to combat the spread of this viral disease in the state.

According to the reports, the Chief Minister has also instructed officials to conduct surprise inspections at pathology centres testing for dengue. "In view of reported arbitrary collections by pathology centers for dengue testing in some districts, rates should be investigated. Surprise inspections should also be done at pathology centers. Complaints of arbitrary recovery/harassment should be taken into cognisance," read the order.

With special emphasis on testing, tracing and treating those who are ill, the authorities are taking all the preventive measures with special surveillance teams dedicated to curbing the spread of Zika virus.

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