The famous Urdu phrase “Jaan hai toh Jahan hai” rings as true today as it did when it was first coined. In the mad rush of life, work, responsibility, output, targets and deadlines, one often tends to ignore health and health related factors, particularly when young. The ramifications of this come home to roost at a later time, often when it is too late.

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It is occasions like World Health Day which remind us not only to give due importance to our own health, but to care and tend for the sick and infirm, show solidarity with them, do something for them. It is in this spirit and backdrop that the World Health Day is observed annually on April 7.

World Health Day is a potent, useful annual reminder which jolts us out of our indifferent attitude to health. This year, the theme of the day is “Health Coverage For All” and the goal is simple- to provide each and every human on Earth with the basic necessities to live a healthy life. Not only does world health day include the every-day, factors related to our physical health, but also the mental health.

With the myriad aspects that govern our lives these days, it is all too easy to lose track of those critical factors that have a direct bearing on our lives. While deficiencies in physical health are discernible, deteriorating mental health is an issue that goes unnoticed and is often considered a stigma. That is perhaps why people tend to not be open with their problems, which in turn leads to even more complexities, that manifest over time and have devastating issues over one’s life.

This is one of World Health Day’s primary objectives- to spread awareness about leading healthy lives that make us not only physically fit, but also keep the mind sound. In India, the issue of deteriorating mental health has substantially grown over the past years and to combat that, each city in addition to government agencies has a few NGOs, hospitals and organizations that are working towards the cause. All of them organize several awareness drives and talks, wherein they create awareness about the ills of improper body and mental health.

Though it may seem like a stretch, you too can do your part by signing up with one of the NGOs in your city and work towards this charitable cause. If not that, you can also start your own awareness drive or campaign in your own society or locality, so that people become more educated and open about health issues and thereby get a platform to share their problems.

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Gymnasiums are normally associated with only the aspect of physical health. However, a good workout in the gym does a lot for your mind too. In Lucknow, “Gold’s Gym”, Mahanagar and Gomti Nagar is a place you can trust for a fit body.

Gold’s Gym

The gym has a slew of facilities and equipment to keep you fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. In fact, they even have some great trainers who will guide you on the path to a healthy life. From exercises to diet, they’ll plan it all and if you’re new, they’ll start you off right. This world health day, therefore, signing up for a gym would be good idea- it is widely believed that most people who are fit in the body are equally fit in the mind.

This world health day, take a pledge to help those in need and ensure that you yourself do not fall into the trap of physical and mental instability. At the same time, encourage as many as you can to tend to their mental and physical health. This would be your big contribution to a concern which affects all of us.

12 points you should know about the lockdown commencing from July 10 in Lucknow

Weekend lockdown: The lockdown is being enforced in view of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases!

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary through a circular on late Thursday evening announced a three-day lockdown in the state including Lucknow from 10 p.m. on Friday, July 10 to 5.a.m. on Monday, July 13.

This comes after a fresh lockdown was imposed in Kolkata and Patna. According to the government of UP, the lockdown will help in controlling the spread of the novel Coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh.

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These days it seems that Bollywood masala is incomplete without the zaika of the city of Lucknow. As several directors pick the city of Nawabs to be the backdrop of their stories, it is certain that the narrow lanes of this city lead their way into the hearts of the audience. It is not difficult to fall in love with the city with its archaic buildings, its culture, people and a language that is made up of emotions, more than words. Here is a list of movies and web series that were shot and set in Lucknow and excelled in capturing the essence of the city!

Gulabo Sitabo

The attar battar and khattar pattar of this movie made a resounding mark with its audience and critics throughout. The dramatic story of a peculiar man, his impossible tenant and a dilapidated mansion will introduce you to Lucknow in a way you will never forget. The plot will make you realise that the city has a lot to teach, however, there are hardly ever straight answers found.


This tale of a balding young man from Kanpur falling in love with a self-styled Tik-Tok star from Lucknow will take you to ride full of wit and humour! Pari, played by Yami is one the most important comedic element of the movie and though her tantrums, are over the top, they suit her character! Afterall, itrana toh koi Lucknow ki ladkiyo se hi seekhe!

Jolly LLB 2 

The story of an underdog wanting to right the wrong he has done in desire of a lawyer's chamber is a cinematic satire on this issues of our political system. Add the banter between a lawyer from Lucknow and a Kanpur immigrant into the mix and you will get the witty comedy with a smart and swift plot. The songs of this movie will take you on a tour to Lucknow's scenic and monumental beauty.


A political drama, the movie fights the corrupt practices in the heart of the city. This is an Ajay Devgan signature formula movie, one with a mastermind and loads of heroism. However, the song Nitt Khair Manga will take you on a virtual Lucknow darshan from the British Residency to Rumi Darwaza, Bada Imambada and Ghanta Ghar. This song can be the perfect checklist of places to visit the next time you are in the city!

Bullet Raja

The bhaukaal of Nawabs is perfectly represeted in this movie. The action movie is set against the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh and will take you on a ride of all things typically UP! (pun intended!)

Shaadi mei zaroor Aana

Shaadi Mei Zaroor Aana is a story of an Allahabad couple, the plot of which mostly revolves around the city, Lucknow. An extravagant set was designed in the town for this humble love story that turns into a revenge saga. This movie showcases a lot of new Lucknow, along with Lucknow's Gomti Riverfront.


You cannot talk about Lucknow without talking about its food. After all, the true identity of a Lucknowite is based upon where they order their biryani and kebabs from! With Tunday Kebabi and Idrees ki biryani at our service, we Lucknowites have nothing to worry about. Despite its weak plot, Daawat-e-Ishq will surely send you into a mini food coma and make you miss all the good food from the streets of Lucknow.


Not only movies, web series are also now shifting base to the rustic settings of UP. Rangbaaz is an action-crime fiction drama. With the pivotal character seeking refuge in the city, luxury hotels in the city like Clarks Awadh, Hotel Taj are used as backdrops in the show. Atal Chowk and Vidhan Sabha, in the heart of the city are also explored in this the screenplay!

A culture as fascinating as its people, is what makes this city a film story in itself! Though numerous films and shows have been shot in Lucknow till now, the excitement of watching it on the big screen with every new film, never goes down.

This seemingly unending pandemic and the lockdown alongside has had us wishing for a day, where we can just be with our buddies at our favourite hangout points in the city, just like the pre-covid times. And now, this collective wish of ours is coming true real soon because Munick Bistro & Bar will be welcoming its patrons from the 10th of July! Yep, you're reading it right. *Aazaadiyan aazaadiyan starts playing in the background*

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Lucknow Coronavirus news: Steepest single-day rise, 196 cases reported

Lucknow witnesses an explosion of Coronavirus cases as 196 fresh cases were reported on Tuesday!

In the steepest single day rise of Coronavirus cases in Lucknow, a total of 196 cases were reported in the city by Tuesday evening. The number takes the tally of the capital to about 1,684 cases.

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Lucknow's Lohia Hospital is using Music Therapy to fight anxiety in corona patients

FM broadcasting music system to chase away the isolation blues at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (RMLIMS) in Lucknow is using 'music therapy' to fight anxiety and depression among Covid-19 patients, who are being treated in isolation cubicles at the hospital. The hospital has installed a FM broadcasting based radio system in the common room that can be accessed by both patients and doctors.

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Coronavirus cases in Lucknow on the rise as people defy safety precautions!

Number of Coronavirus cases in the city crosses 1400 mark

After recording the highest single day jump in the number of coronavirus cases on Sunday, July 5th, UP's total has reached 28,636, out of which 1488 cases are from Lucknow. The city is currently witnessing the fastest growth in Covid-19 cases since the outbreak in March.

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