Lucknow’s charbagh station to be equipped with state of the art facilities!

Facilities that help in ease of movement, are a must on railway stations. However, the two main station at Charbagh in Lucknow are deprived of facilities such as lifts, escalators, etc, for long. But the good news is, that soon both the stations will be redeveloped.

Construction of lifts and escalators on platforms will make it easy for you to walk with your luggage.

Two escalators and a lift have already been installed on Platform 4 and 5, on Chabagh Railway station, and three lifts have been inaugurated between Platform 1 and 5.

A skywalk has also been inaugurated between Durgapuri Metro station and Lucknow Junction, to tackle the crowd during rush hours. These lifts, foot-over bridges and escalators will enable hassle-free movement, most importantly for the senior citizens.

Two more platforms are being constructed at Charbagh railway station as more trains will soon run from here. Two more subways will also be constructed to ease passenger movement.

The iconic Charbagh Railway station in Lucknow is going to turn into a world-class station after the proposed makeover gets completed. The project is believed to be three years long and the Indian Railways is expected to spend around Rs 6000 crores on the remodelling.

Beside Charbagh, Gomti Nagar station is also being redeveloped to cater to around 40,000 passengers.

The Coronavirus pandemic has dug its nails deep into our psyche and has completely overturned everyday life for us. With all of us stuck at home and all of our favourite kitchens and restaurants shut down, the foodie in us is waiting for the lockdown to get over with bated breath.

Lucknow is a goldmine for foodies and has a number of places in its kitty and right now, the only thing keeping us sane is thinking about food and what all we can have.

So here's a list of 15 of our favourite places we've been waiting to visit once the lockdown is done with.

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Lucknow is a city that is known for its architectural prowess, its old world charm and all the ancient buildings that dot the cityscape. It is no news that Lucknow is home to monuments and architectural marvels which to this day retain their magnificence, telling the stories of the city's glorious past. From the Rumi Darwaza to Sibtainabad Imambara and many 'kothis' which still adorn the lanes of chowk, Lucknow's architectural splendour takes one back to the Nawabi era when the city was the crown jewel in Awadh's crown.

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Lucknow has been under the radar when it comes to the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country. While the last Covid 19 positive case in Lucknow on 31st March, after being virus free for 9 days, 12 new cases have surfaced in the city, yesterday itself. The number of positive cases in Lucknow soared yesterday after 12 men who were found in the city's Sadar mosque tested positive for the life claiming disease.

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