Lucknow’s swanky Alambagh bus station will have a two-storey mall and a multiplex!

The state of the art bus station in Lucknow has recently started its operations. The bus station will definitely bring a lot of ease to local commuters and tourists alike. The Alambagh bus station is a highly advanced facility, equivalent to the airports.

You will not have to wait eagerly for your bus to depart from the messed up station, because now there are going to be attractive things around, which will make your waiting time comfortable and entertaining. You can shop from the two storey mall, that will house many different shops and a fully AC food court.

Dorm for drivers and waiting lounge for passengers!

With connectivity to the Lucknow metro, the bus station has well-taken care of the passengers and the bus staff too. It has an AC waiting hall and lounge, a digital display board with a computerised booking system, with that there is also a dormitory for the drivers and conductors because they too need a comfortable place to relax.

Advance parking space!

There is always a commotion on places like these, and with no proper management the buses are parked abruptly and passengers have to go through a lot of struggle to identify the place of parking etc, but with the new and advanced Alambagh Bus station, one can easily track their bus and board it.

Modern toilets will also be seen at the bus station along with separate ramps for the ease of differently-abled passengers. Once the new bus station opens, buses to Kanpur, Agra, Aligarh, including other west UP districts will operate from Alambagh, while Charbagh will be the source station for all the east UP districts.

Let’s hope to see no more pan stains and dirty, broken seats and surroundings because a well planned, modern bus stand is going to be ready for use!

For your safety, there is a proper CCTV setup and for queries relating to bookings, the new computerised inquiry system will always be there to serve you.

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