Molecule, the biggest Pub in Lucknow is opening on Sunday & this is our newest party destination

Molecule, one of Gurgaon’s biggest pub and bar chain, is finally here in Lucknow to introduce us to molecular gastronomy. This amazing pub focuses on modern Indian food and progressive cuisine with craft cocktails, free indoor games and a chill vibe. Located alongside the river Gomti, Molecule is the chic pub that offers you a stunning view of the city.

The Food

Molecule puts a special focus on its food, dabbling in the subtle art of Molecular Gastronomy. Molecule represents the new-age India’s progressive cuisine.

Dip Your Own Pizza

Ranging from Inside-Out Chhole Bhature, Bhel with edible paper, Thai Roasted Chili Fish to Dip your Pizza, Chettinad Chicken Wrap and Smoked Chicken Maggi, you can find everything here. We would specially recommend trying their Butter Chicken Tart, Air bread and Purani Delhi ka Mutton Korma Combo.

The pub offers a live dessert option, where the Chef will prepare your dessert right in front of you. The ‘Shahi Tukda Our Way’ and ‘Imitation of Rasmalai’ are a must have!

Dark Chocolate Fondant
Edible Lava Coal

The Interiors

Molecule’s entire pub area is divided into five sections- a main interior seating area, an open outdoor seating, a separate sheesha area, a kids section and an open outdoor ‘Private Cabana’. The interior and outdoor seating areas- both have their dedicated bars and stages, the hookah area has a Foosball table, Jenga and other indoor games.

Not only is the pub expansive, has a capacity of 250 people but is also stunning! The warm tones of red, brown, orange, yellow of the furniture compliment the cool- blue, green, grey and black of the decor. Everything put together, gives the pub a very bohemian-modern and chic aesthetic.

And the best part

There are several things at this pub that you’ll find extremely attractive, but what Molecule is actually known for, are it’s craft cocktails. Molecule has a huge cocktail menu which is especially curated to compliment the beautiful dishes. We can already picture it becoming Lucknow’s favourite drinks-after-work hangout spot.

Though the pub is very high-end and posh, the entire menu is extremely budget friendly! So head there this Sunday and experience the shift in Lucknow’s night life.

Opening: Sunday, 17th March

Location: INOX Riverside Mall, 7th floor

Contact number: 7800002880 | 7800002881

To make the place more accessible, the Pub has it’s very own dedicated lift that starts in the evening.

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