21 cases of new Delta Plus strain wreak havoc across Mumbai & 5 other Maharashtra districts

21 cases of new Delta Plus strain wreak havoc across Mumbai & 5 other Maharashtra districts

2 new COVID cases of the Delta Plus strain were reported in Mumbai.

Amid the persisting troubles of the coronavirus and post-infection complications like black fungus cases, Maharashtra is now gripped by yet another horror. The coronavirus strain is continually evolving and now, around 21 cases of the dreaded Delta Plus variant of COVID-19 have been logged in here, the state Health Minister informed. This, he added, has raised fresh alarms across the territory, stretching the threat of a new disaster.

COVID-19 Task Force figures treatment & prevention of Delta strain

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After the perils of the second wave of coronavirus infection, Maharashtra is faced with a fresh hurdle of the rising transmission of the Delta Plus COVID strain. "So far, we have found 21 cases of Delta Plus variant in the state," the Health Minister relayed late on Monday, as health circles went into a tizzy to tackle the unfolding new public health challenge.

The new mutation infection strain closely follows Mucormycosis or the black fungus infection, which has got Maharashtra grappling for the past couple of months. While this has accumulated yet another boulder of fear amidst the present pandemic situation, Dr. Uday Kulkarni, a member of the State COVID-19 Task Force assured against worrying. He stated the efforts are underway to determining the treatment course and related preventive protocols.

Reportedly, Ratnagiri has recorded the highest number of new-mutant cases with 9 infections. Around 7 infections have plagued Jalgaon, in interior northern Maharashtra, with Mumbai at 2 and Palghar, Thane and Sindhugarh at one each. As yet, over 7,500 people have been tested across the state - at the rate of 100 samples per district, to detect the prevalence of the Delta variant.

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