6 Pieces of 'happy news' related to Covid-19 which will keep you sane during these difficult times

While the entire world in cloaked in the shadows of a pandemic threatening to take away our peace of mind, these interesting facts will brighten your day-

The Covid-19 pandemic is all we can talk about right now. The deaths, the numbers, the panic and the restlessness have cast a grey shadow over our moods making sure that we cannot take our minds off of the negativity. However, human spirit and its resilience can make even the most grim of days, a little bearable.

So if you haven't been able to find solace, rest your mind or are constantly spinning out of control thinking about when will this disease 'get to you', we bring you a ray of sunshine to take your minds off of the carnage. These 6 happy and interesting facts will keep you sane in these trying times.

1. After fighting the virus for 6 days, a 103 year old woman has made a ‘full recovery’


A 103-year-old Iranian woman was able to successfully recover after contracting the deadly coronavirus. She beat the virus which has claimed thousands of lives across the globe in the past few months. The old lady has become the second oldest person to recover from the Covid-19 disease.

2. China has shut down its last Coronavirus Emergency Hospital

Wuhan city which was the epicentre of the outbreak of Covid-19, shut the last of its make-shift Coronavirus Emergency Hospitals. This happened because the number of cases fell down rapidly hence the panic-built hospital which was built to accommodate 2,000 patients was closed off.

3. Out of the 2,00,000 confirmed corona cases, more than 82,000 people have recovered


Of the 200,000 cases that have been reported so far, more than 82,000 people have recovered of the Coronavirus disease. Which means over 41% of the total cases have had positive outcomes while only 4% of cases have resulted in deaths.

4. The first trial of COVID-19 vaccine has begun


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the first trial for Covid-19 vaccine began on Wednesday, March 18. The trials have begun only 2 months after the genetic sequence of the virus was shared by China. Which means that the vaccine for the virus can be available to public in just an year!

5. The COVID-19 quarantine has brought families under one roof and communities together

While the self quarantine and work from home aren't ideal situations for some 'quality time' with family. We're still grateful that people can spend this trying time with their families and find the solace they've been looking for. Not just families, the viral outbreak has also brought communities together as people put posters outside their balconies and sing to each other.

Knock Knock

These pieces of news are the rays of sunshine we can all depend on to make lives easier and a little less irksome for us all. Let's hang on to these silver linings of hope and have faith that we will find more reasons to hang on in these difficult times.

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