A Pandora's Box of Fun: Offbeat things to do in Bandra on your day out!

A Pandora's Box of Fun: Offbeat things to do in Bandra on your day out!

THE handbook to swear by if you want to reel in the Bandra-vibe, like a boss!

While nobody is unfamiliar with the Queen of Mumbai suburbs, Bandra, it is not everyone's cuppa to explore its lanes through and through. We've all been there: bunking our lectures to chill at Candies or maybe shop at Linking Road, or even the multiple visits to Mannat, just to catch a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan himself!

To put it simply, Bandra is jazzy and blingy, vibrant and attractive with a vibe so amorous, we miss out on its its secret gems. But who says you need to miss out on the treasure hunt when we've got all the clues for you! Check out this guide to offbeat things to do in Bandra and explore the area, like never before:

Life-size murals of Bazar Lane 


The Bazaar Road in Bandra is the area's street-art canvas, and to no one's surprise, exploring these graffiti-ridden lanes is one of the most fun things you can do. This place is home to art and expression, and the wonders of creativity, with some of the coolest wall-art on socio-political issues contrasted by Bollywood biggies colouring it bright and vibrant. And you can take all the snaps you want here for the 'gram!

Dine like a boss at Hakkasan 

For all those who believe in the 'food first' ideology, do make a stop by at Hakkasan when in Bandra. This master-culinary realm is a modern Michellen-star restaurant that serves world-class Chinese food and flavours to fix all your cravings in a jiffy!

So, if you are someone who takes your meals and food seriously, this place deserves a place on your Bonvoyage-Bandra day.

Fill up your cart @ Cheap Jack

A gem located before St Peter's Church on Hill Road, Cheap Jack is a two-storey store that stands as potpourri of all that you need to accessorise your house! A gem to explore, this place has it all- from modern crockery and kitchenware, to stationery, greeting cards, wrapping materials and party props and you'd be just surprised at what all you can pull out from this Pandora's box.

A perfect place to be pulling a cart of miscellaneous items by the counter, this place is all that you need to make your shopping day out at Bandra even more fun!

Check out the Hill Road Flea 

If you've had enough of the Linking Road street shop collection, venture a little further up to the Hill Road flea. A place ideal for finding junk jewellery, handbags, clothes and other kinck-knacks. Hill Road shops are always bustling with college students looking for the latest trends within their budget, and to your wonder, you shop for that head-to-toe makeover here within 1,000 bucks

For the Goan vibes in Bandra

Eerily similar to the bylanes of Goa, a small pocket of the Ranwar Village in Old Bandra is your escape from the bustling Mumbai. Of alleys that twist and turn through here, Ranwar has its own pace, one that is different from the never-stopping rage of night-clubs in the vicinity.

Laden with unique creativity, wall graffiti and an artists' vibe, Ranwar is the reminiscence of an era gone by. If you're into history, trace the long lost heritage of the Mumbai city, through a pop of colour, old colonial-style buildings, a quaint setting and in serenity.

Walk through Carter Road 

When the sun is past your head, and the clock is nearing four, the shadow lanes of Carter Road look the most inviting. A place to grab a hearty evening snack, with the shimmering-on-sea-sun as your view, walking through the Carter Road is therapeutic, to say the least.

To satiate your cravings on the go, make sure to check out Carter's Blue or Carter Road Socials and The J's shack to get a grub as you continue your rave, exploring the suburbs.

Sunset at Bandra Reclamation

Just because sunset at the Bandstand is overdone and cliched, does not mean you need to miss out on the picturesque scapes of the cotton candy evening sky as the sun drowns into the sea. Simply switch Bandstand with the Reclamation area, for a view and experience that is of course new, and more serene!

Pudhil Sthanak, Vandre!

From affluent bungalows, to cutesy cafes, street-style shops and age-old churches, Bandra is a mix of old and new, quaint and popular and high-key, the best spot to spend a day well!

So the next time you're in the area, look beyond the horizon of the Bandstand and you'll find Bandra anew!

A Pandora's Box of Fun: Offbeat things to do in Bandra on your day out!
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