Adopting a sustainable solution, Mumbai's BEST to use green hydrogen as fuel for buses

Adopting a sustainable solution, Mumbai's BEST to use green hydrogen as fuel for buses

Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future for India. Read on to know more

Decarbonising is one of the goals that state governments and civic bodies across India are trying to work on. While following the path of sustainability, Mumbai's BEST has proposed to convert 220 diesel-run buses into green hydrogen-run buses by 2023.

BEST target hydrogen run buses by 2023

Reportedly, BEST is planning to run its entire bus fleet on green fuel by 2023. Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future in India. With rising petrol and diesel prices, it's high time to switch to alternative fuels such as hydrogen, electric, biodiesel, natural gas and ethanol. Infrastructure for fuel alternatives is currently in production to power vehicles in India and around the world.

As per officials, Hydrogen fuel costs around ₹65 per kilo which is approximately 40% cheaper than conventional fuel. India has abundant resources such as rice, corn and sugar which work as a primary source for the production of ethanol, which is the base ingredient required to extract hydrogen.

Benefits of Hydrogen as fuel

  • 100 % sustainable: Green hydrogen does not emit polluting gases either during combustion. However, during production, it may emit CO2 which will depend upon the fact that whether a renewable source is used in its production or not.

  • Another major advantage is that Hydrogen is surprisingly easy to store, which allows it to be used subsequently for other purposes. It can be safely stored until it is required for use.

  • Green hydrogen can be transformed into electricity or synthetic gas and used for commercial, industrial or mobility purposes.

This technology is based on the generation of hydrogen through electrolysis, where the hydrogen atom is separated from Oxygen in water. If this electricity is obtained using renewable sources, therefore it will lead to the production of energy without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Therefore it is a clean energy source that only emits water vapour and leaves no residue in the air, unlike coal and oil.

It is the steppting stone moving closer towards a Green India.

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