AFC Women's Asian Cup trophy: A fitting symbol of victory

AFC Women's Asian Cup trophy: A fitting symbol of victory

12 leading teams will compete for the coveted trophy at the upcoming tournament

After getting an exemption from the Maharashtra government, the prestigious AFC Women's Asian Cup is all set to kick off from January 20 in Pune, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The tournament will see 12 leading teams contend for the Asian football title till February 6, 2022. Following this, the winning team will be crowned champions and lift the iconic trophy, becoming only the second team to do so after Japan in 2018.

The trophy is a masterclass in craftsmanship

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The current trophy was first unveiled in Jordan in 2018. It was designed by world-renowned silversmiths Thomas Lyte of London. Cast in bedazzling Hallmarked Sterling Silver bullion, the trophy took 140 hours of intricate craftsmanship to make. It was passed through the hands of eight different craftsmen to make sure that the highest quality was delivered.

Honouring the competition's longstanding legacy

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Many discreet elements have been added in the trophy's design to appropriately recognise and pay tribute to the tournament's history. Standing at an impressive 52.5cm in height and weighing 5.5 kilogrammes, the trophy embodies the glorious spirit and essence of the competition. The unique handles, cast in six solid silver bars, represent the six nations that participated in the first tournament in 1975. Eight highly stylised women footballers have been etched into the plinth, adorning the trophy's base and capturing the strength and agility of the modern competition.

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