Affogato in Khar: Owner Shalini Rattan shares her brand's story & reveals what's new!

Affogato in Khar: Owner Shalini Rattan shares her brand's story & reveals what's new!

Brand insights, behind-the-scenes & more.

Khar's Affogato, a collaborative venture by Shalini Rattan and renowned restaurateur Suren Joshi, has been the talk of the town since its inception in 2023. This cafe has been a beacon of delight for coffee and gelato enthusiasts, pulling in customers from all over Mumbai.

As the name suggests, this cafe-cum-gelateria's affogato steals the show, which offers a heady blend of an espresso shot coupled with silky gelato. But it's merely the tip of the iceberg! This popular spot also offers its customers a variety of bakes and brew options, that keep drawing in foodies from all around town.

In a recent interview with Knocksense, Affogato's co-owner Shalini Rattan delved into the brand's journey - sharing the tale behind the cafe's inception and more. Rattan also offered a sneak peek into the exciting developments on the horizon, and we have all the details!

"...its a place where people can relax, vibe, and chill with friends"

Q. What is the brand's origin story?

Shalini enthusiastically recounts, "Affogato began as a brand for coffee and gelato. Affogato, an Italian dessert made with a scoop of gelato topped with a shot of espresso, served as our inspiration. We were two individuals with distinct expertise, I specialised in gelatos, while my co-founder Suren Joshi was immersed in the world of coffee. Suren, who still operates his own chain of coffee shops named Javaphile, envisioned a fusion of our passions when we first met. He proposed the idea of bringing together coffee and gelato in one place—a concept that would offer a unique experience to people. We aimed to create something exquisite, yet inviting—a place where people could relax, chill, vibe with friends. And so, together, we embarked on the journey of bringing coffee and gelato together at Affogato."

She also adds, "This cafe offers a cosy spot for people to relax, sip coffee, socialise, and enjoy each other's company. That's how Affogato was born - for the love of coffee and gelato."

Q. With so many dessert parlours thriving in Bandra-Khar, what draws customers to Affogato?

Shalini shares, "In Bandra, dessert spots are flourishing, you can practically find twenty just by naming one such place, the options are endless. At Affogato, we specialise in desserts not only for those with a sweet tooth but also for individuals with dietary restrictions. We cater to everyone, whether they're on a diet, managing diabetes, following a keto regimen, or adhering to a vegan lifestyle. Our secret? We use imported sugars from Italy which have no added sugars that won't spike your blood sugar levels, aiding in weight loss. When it comes to flavours, we excel at customisation. Just name your flavour, and we'll craft it for you within a day."

Q. What led to your decision to select this specific location?

Shalini mentions, "Upon seeing this location, we were immediately smitten. Suren instantly fell in love with this place, it boasts two unique selling points, being situated on a one-way road with plenty of parking and its proximity to the high sea link. Additionally, it offers outdoor space, a feature not found in any other establishment."

Q. What's your perspective on Bandra's hospitality sector?

"Khar-Bandra is bustling with activity, drawing crowds from all corners of the city, including Thane. It exudes a unique energy, with something fresh popping up every day. Bandra has its distinctive vibe, and I'm thrilled that Affogato is a part of it" adds Shalini.

Q. How do the preferences of customers in Bandra differ from those of customers in Worli, who visit Cremeyum Creamery?

"Cremeyum is solely focused on gelato, whereas Affogato is more like a cafeteria, offering a wide array of food options. We're planning to introduce a comprehensive menu at Affogato soon. So, in terms of both ambiance and offerings, they're entirely distinct. In Bandra, there's a higher demand for sugar-free variants compared to areas downtown, where people tend to prefer creamier gelatos with richer milk and sugar bases. While Worli is primarily known for its gelatos and sorbets, Bandra offers a diverse range including coffee, bakery items, food, and of course, gelato."

Q. Online orders vs Walk-ins - who wins? Additionally, when it comes to delivery services, Swiggy or Zomato?

"Undoubtedly, walk-ins," Shalini confirms. "This place gets packed on weekends, especially in the evenings. I receive numerous calls for table reservations, but unfortunately, we don't have a reservation policy. Currently, we're available on Swiggy and our Zomato has recently launched, so it'll be interesting to see how it fares against Swiggy in the future."

Q. Can we order affogato online?

"We don't offer delivery for affogatos," Shalini explains firmly. "The espresso shot needs to be consumed within 30 seconds to maintain its flavour profile; otherwise, it can become acidic. However, we do provide delivery services for coffees and gelatos, just not for affogatos."

Q. What are the essential ingredients of Affogato that entice customers to return for more?

"Keep the quality consistent and regularly update the menu options," Shalini advises. "Repetitiveness can become dull. Customers adore the new flavours available at the gelato counter. Our unique selling point is we constantly evolve."

Q. Do you have any expansion plans? If so, are there specific areas you're considering?

"We have huge expansion plans," Shalini reveals. "Our initial focus will be on Bombay. We aim to establish 7-8 Affogato outlets across the city before expanding further across India. We don't want to run before we walk. The next Affogato location will likely be either in Juhu or Worli."

Q. Which three words best describe the essence of Affogato?

"A delightful gelato is creamy, rich, and satisfying, while an espresso shot is hot and bitter. When the coldness of the gelato is matched with the bitterness of the coffee, they make an amazingly nice combination," Shalini explains. "In three words, I would sum it up as delicious, creamy, and delightful."

Q. Your recommendations?

"I highly recommend trying our bakery selection, it's truly delightful. You can't go wrong with pairing croissants with gelato. Our coffees are amazing as well, with my personal favourite being the Cortado. And lastly, I must insist you to try our Affogato. We take pride in serving the town's best affogato, and that's a guarantee. While the traditional affogato features vanilla with coffee, we offer it in five different flavours, including hazelnut, chocolate, salted caramel, and more."

Q. Can we expect anything new soon?

With a chuckle, Shalini mentions, "We're soon introducing our food menu, and it's definitely something to look forward to. Our hot food offerings are sure to attract diners. Rest assured, it will be a fab-fab menu menu, we guarantee it."

"....the best Affogato in town!"

Affogato in Khar: Owner Shalini Rattan shares her brand's story & reveals what's new!
Khar's newest Italian dessert cafe brings the best of coffee & gelato in a bowl!

With its unique fusion of gelato and espresso, crafted with passion and precision, Affogato promises to continue enchanting palates. Whether you're craving a sweet treat or seeking a cosy ambience to hang out with friends, Affogato is the place to be!

Cost- ₹700 for two

Timing- 9 AM- 12 PM

Location- Asha Apartments, Plot No 483, 17th Road, Khar West

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