AQI in Mumbai stands between ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’

AQI in Mumbai stands between ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’

SAFAR, has blamed an unusual cloud formation over Mumbai and neighbouring cities like Pune for the dip in AQI

Guess what, its not Delhi but Mumbai this time with the worst air quality seen in last five years. Air quality in Mumbai this week was deemed “poor” according to weather specialists.

At the beginning of the week, AQI in Mumbai stood at 321 which reportedly was well over Delhi. If you feel some problem while breathing, or unusual irritation in your eyes, one cause is definitely Mumbai’s degrading air quality.

G20 delegates and smog, together arrive at Mumbai

Air Quality in Mumbai is steeping to new lows. With dreadful visibility, and smog at most places, authorise need to buck up ASAP! It’s not out of place to mention that Mumbai is also to host renowned G20 group of countries, for which delegates from France, China, Russia and United Kingdom are already pouring in.

Taking action, authorities have already ceased transportation of garbage or debris from construction sites for next ten days. Meanwhile, India’s air quality and weather forecasting agency, SAFAR, has blamed an unusual cloud formation over Mumbai and neighbouring cities like Pune. Serval celebrity took on twitter to stress on the issue.

Air quality improving gradually with combined efforts 

For reference, an AQI between 201 and 300 is deemed “poor”, while 301-400 is “very poor”. Anything above 500 is deemed dangerous and unsafe for human life.

It has become difficult for the residents to breathe in the polluted air. Some of the prominent environmentalist are blaming Mumbai's AQI spike on El Niño-Southern Oscillation, a recurring climate pattern tied to temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific region. Another reason for increasing air pollutions is stagnant wind speed, stated experts.

After a fortnight of distress, Mumbai's air quality is beginning to improve with the AQI moving back to 'moderate'. According to experts, the clean winds have begun blowing over the city after the anticyclonic circulation moved away, resulting in a decrease in bad air quality. Prominent locations in the city recorded the following AQIs : Colaba - 103 (Moderate), Worli - 37 (Good), Deonar - 241 (Poor), Kurla - 178 (Moderate), Thane - 139 (Moderate) and Navi Mumbai - 152 (Moderate).

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