At 37.6°C, Mumbai records highest day temperature in a decade

At 37.6°C, Mumbai records highest day temperature in a decade

This reading is 3.7°C degrees above the seasonal norm.

The Indian Meteorological Department's (IMD) Colaba observatory in Mumbai witnessed scorching heat on Wednesday, with the mercury soaring to 37.6°C, marking the highest day temperature in a decade. Earlier Mumbai had hit a scorching 39.7°C (day-night temperature), marking its hottest April day in a decade. This reading, 3.7°C degrees above the seasonal norm, prompted the IMD to issue a heatwave alert for Mumbai, Thane, and Palghar earlier in the day.

Heatwave continues to loom over Mumbai

Recent days have seen soaring temperatures, with IMD's Santacruz observatory not far behind, registering a day temperature of 37.2°C, the second highest in a decade. Despite predictions of possible light to moderate rain, Wednesday saw no relief from the heat, with only sporadic showers in Thane the previous day.

Earlier in the week, Mumbai witnessed heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, but the nights remained warmer than usual. IMD's criteria for a heatwave were almost met, with temperatures just shy of the 4.5-degree departure from normal. Historical records show even hotter May days in 1972 and 1979, with Colaba hitting 39.7 degrees and Santacruz soaring to 41 degrees Celsius.

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