Attention cinephiles! THIS initiative spotlights exclusive film screenings in & around Andheri West

Attention cinephiles! THIS initiative spotlights exclusive film screenings in & around Andheri West

A beacon for true-blue film lovers.

Love Bollywood movies and can indubitably rewatch classics, again and again?! Then, allow us to present Films in Andheri. It is a recently launched Instagram page, that goes beyond merely encapsulating Mumbai's cinematic heartbeat. It has emerged as a beacon for true-blue film lovers, on the lookout for indie, foreign, or classic film screenings - within the lively expanse of Andheri's neighbourhood.

The brainchild behind this digital platform is none other than Balram Vishwakarma, a prominent content curator in Mumbai! Balram's initiative has become a magnetic force, drawing cinema enthusiasts into a world of hidden gems and cinematic wonders.

In a conversation with Knocksense

In a conversation with Knocksense, Mr. Balram Vishwakarma shared some insights about his Instagram page. Here are some excerpts from it:

Q: What inspired you to start 'Films in Andheri'?

A: "I woke up one morning and found out that Shah Rukh Khan's 'Om Shanti Om' will be screened at 7 PM, on the same day. Without hesitation, I shared the news with my friends because I know, many of them are die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fans. This made me realise that despite Andheri West having a population of over 15 lakh people, there's no single source of information about film screenings in the area."

He further added, "Moreover, with more than 6 major cinema halls in the vicinity, each with its schedule, it's a challenge to keep track. So, drawing inspiration from Film Heritage Foundation and an app for langar locations, I decided to launch this page. Through this initiative, people in Andheri and nearby areas, can follow for real-time updates on indie, niche, international, and classic films being screened."

Q: What's the driving force fueling this initiative?

A: With an inherent readiness to tackle the question with a lot of heart, Balram mentioned, "Films in Andheri is not a profit-driven venture; it's a passion project for me. So the Instagram page offers more than just a list of screenings; it's a hub for cinema lovers. The aim is to create a community where movie enthusiasts can come together for discussions, movie screenings and so much more."

Q: How should one approach you, if they want to provide an update on a film screening or need one?

A: "I invite individuals to message me directly. FIA is a platform without any charges and I am anyway very approachable", Balram light-heartedly adds.

Q: How do you see the role of content creators in the future?

A: "I believe in championing the art of curation and aligning with the belief that the future belongs to content curators."

"...lately I'm obsessing over Indian documentaries."

When asked about his favourite place to watch movies in Mumbai, Balram promptly pointed to Screen No. 4 at Fun Republic. On the topic of his favourite indie movie, he chuckled, acknowledging the ever-changing nature of his preferences. Balram stated directly, "I firmly believe that every movie has the power to make you a better person."

Currently, he expressed, "My obsession lies with Indian documentaries, noting a perceptible shift in filmmakers' gazes toward class, caste, gender, and religion—a departure from the earlier fixation on poverty porn and pain."

Knock Knock

Balram's creation goes beyond the digital realm, becoming a guiding force that showcases cinematic gems and fosters a passionate community of silver screen enthusiasts. Through Films in Andheri, Balram Vishwakarma hasn't just created an Instagram page but sparked a cinematic revolution. Follow the page today, to stay in the know.

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