Bandra folks, have y'all tried THESE 6 unique desserts in & around the neighbourhood?

Bandra folks, have y'all tried THESE 6 unique desserts in & around the neighbourhood?

Indulge in Mumbai's Most Decadent Desserts!

Step into a dessert wonderland in Bandra, that rivals the glam of Mumbai itself! So brace yourself for a flavourful extravaganza with these six unique desserts in and around the neighbourhood, that will leave you craving for more. Trust us, missing out on these desserts is not an option!

The Jalebi Caviar

If you're ready to embark on a sweet adventure, let us introduce you to the absolute showstopper at Jiggs Kalra's Masala Library – the Jalebi Caviar! Imagine tiny, tantalising beads of jalebi gracefully swimming in a pool of rich and creamy pistachio rabdi, crowned with a delightful saffron foam. Get ready to be swept off your feet by this unique creation, priced at ₹695, that's as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious!

Location- Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Ground Floor, First International Financial Centre, Citi Bank Building, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai

Van Gogh Dessert

Inspired by Van Gogh's masterpiece 'The Starry Night', Nava restaurant presents the Van Gogh dessert, a visual and culinary masterpiece. Just like the iconic painting, this unique treat, priced at ₹850, will captivate you the moment it graces your table. As for the taste, this delectable delight promises a rollercoaster ride for your taste buds, skillfully crafted with the experimental flair that defines Nava Restaurant's USP.

Location-  Nava, 2nd floor, Suburbia Building Between Linking Road, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai

Gulab Jamun Churros

Prepare to have your taste buds dazzled! Bombay Sweet Shop is turning the churro game upside down with its Gulab Jamun Churros – yes, you heard it right! Priced at ₹500 for 6 pieces, these delectable delights will take your love for churros to a whole new level. Trust us, one plate won't be enough to satisfy your cravings. Get ready for a flavour explosion that combines the best of both worlds!

Location- Shop 4, Perry Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai.

Pizookie Bazookie

Step into the world of sweet extravagance with Pizookie Bazookie stealing the spotlight at Lil Gamby! This dessert pizza is no ordinary treat but a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie base, crowned with a lavish scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream, and sprinkled with the crunchy goodness of caramelised popcorn. Priced at ₹355, this dessert pizza is a dream come true for all dessert lovers and undeniably the shining star of Lil Gamby's culinary spectacle!

Location- Lil Gamby, Shop 2, Plot 616, Sangrila Vaibhav CHS Ltd, 14th Road, Khar, Mumbai.

Lemon Olive Oil Ice Cream

Indulge your taste buds in a unique sweet adventure with Morii's standout creation – the gluten-free Lemon Olive Oil Ice-Cream! Priced at ₹200 for 80 grams, this extraordinary treat brings together the subtly tangy essence of locally sourced Italian lemons and the richness of extra virgin olive oil. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, it's a delightful fusion that redefines the ice cream experience.

Location- Morii Cafe, Shop no 2, Blue Nile Building, Waroda Rd, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai

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