A paradise for clued-up art lovers, Fluxus Chapel in Bandra redefines what art can be

A paradise for clued-up art lovers, Fluxus Chapel in Bandra redefines what art can be

The gallery is open throughout the week from 12 noon to 09:00 pm!

Owning a piece of art doesn’t always have to be a luxury. Whether it is to start a gallery collection, to add colour to rooms or simply to own a piece of coveted original work, art doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Well, coming to the rescue of artistic souls, Fluxus Chapel, tucked away in Bandra, defines what art can be, with books, paintings, prompts prints, magazines and more. It was established in April this year and is a paradise for art lovers! Here are all the deets we have for you.

Creativity takes courage!

Inspired by the Fluxus Movement of the late 1950s (a group of artists who had become disenchanted with the elitist attitude), rose Fluxus Chapel in Bandra. Working on this belief system, this community space serves as a platform for schooled artists and illustrators to showcase their flair, realm for reading with a small library, host workshops and much more. This space goes beyond the concept of just exhibiting art, it collectively facilitates growing, discovering and appreciating.

The store is run by multiple artists in partnership, including Himanshu S., Jai ‘Zaiu’ Ranjit, Neil Ghose Balser, Doyel Joshi, Ayushi Patni, Cyriac Varghese, Aqui Thami, and Sreya, making it inclusive of various artistic genres. This allows the community to thrive organically and offer something fresh and new for art enthusiasts. Also, if you’re an artist, you can sell your artwork via their platform too! Best of both worlds right?!

Knock Knock 

In the past, Fluxus Chapel has made some significant collaborations, like the one with Sister Library in Bandra, to display thrift treasures and with Tara Anand, to showcase books and paintings. From time to time, Fluxus is also known for hosting language, reading and printmaking workshops. So make sure you follow its Instagram handle for updates.

When: 12 noon to 9 pm | All days of the week

Where: Ground Floor, 3R3H+7WP, KJF Heights, Chapel Rd, Ranwar, Bandra West

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