Aug 4 | This Int'l Beer Day, here's a look at Mumbai's Doolally, India’s first microbrewery

Aug 4 | This Int'l Beer Day, here's a look at Mumbai's Doolally, India’s first microbrewery

Doolally serves lip-smacking beers from 11:30 AM till 01:30 AM to Mumbai.

Observed on the first Friday of August every year, YES you guessed it right, it’s International Beer Day. Today you have all the more reason to relish down some luscious beers in appetising flavours because why not?!

And now marking the occasion, here we are going to talk about the first brewery of India, Doolally Taproom. Serving up lip smacking European and Asian fare, Doolally has 3 outlets in Mumbai at Khar, Andheri and Thane. So get your humongous glasses ready because beer we go!

We can beer-ly wait!

Doolally, India’s first microbrewery was co-founded by German brewmaster Oliver Schauff and a detergent salesman, Suketu Talekar, in Pune, 2009.

Like most good ideas, this too began as a drunken doodle over multiple beers. While lounging at a brewery in Singapore, Suketu Talekar realised the potential market of craft beers in India. Since then, he has sold over a million pints and opened many Doolally Taproom outlets.

As of today, they stand to be the first brewhouse in Mumbai starting with Andheri (2015) and Khar (2017) and Thane (2023). So on this International Beer Day, it is officially legal for you to cool yourself down with a freshly brewed beer as soon as possible. Yes, it is a working Friday but holidays should be strictly observed, too.

Knocksense Recommendations

When here, we couldn't help drooling over Doolally, Khar’s beautiful Tap Beer Menu. Crafted with utmost fitness, our most relished beers were Apple Cider, Alphonso Mead, and Belgian Witbier. A 330 ml pint costed us ₹300, 180 ml ₹200, and 500 ml ₹330 (mug club members only). 

From their food menu we recommend you try House Fries ₹350 (a portion of hand cut fries with sambal, mango salsa, wasabi mayo, herbed cheese and aioli), Mangalorean Chicken Ghee Roast ₹450 (succulent chicken slathered with thick red chilli masalas, onion rice and kori rotti) and Ema Datshi ₹400 (Bhutan’s national dish served with peppers, baby potato, creamy cheese sauce and ginger pilaf).

Apart from sipping on a range of fresh craft beers, ciders and meads, Doolally also offers a work-friendly environment with amenities like high speed WiFi, charging points at every table and presentation space. Or you can refresh with in-house board games such as Jenga and Uno across each taproom.

Doolally Mug club

The brewery also has an exclusive beer membership programme - Doolally Mug club for ₹3,000 per year. Along with it you get:

  • A 500 ml mug with your name tag on it. The normal Doolally glasses are 330 ml but you get over 50% more in every pour

  • 25% more beer in growlers for online home delivery

  • Table reservations at any of the 3 taprooms in Mumbai

  • Offers like free breakfast, beers, discount codes, and birthday presents

And it goes without saying, walking down with those large mugs, customised and tagged, you receive admiration by fellow club members.

Knock Knock

Their outlets in Andheri, Khar and Thane are also pet-friendly. Whether it’s cats, dogs or even birds, they serve chicken, paneer, rice and ice-cream, free of charge, depending on what the pet eats.

The place is also famous for constantly striving to build new communities by organising a variety of workshops and events throughout the month. Check out their list of events here

Timing: 11:30 PM till 01:30 AM

Address: Multilink House, 3rd Rd, Khar, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai.

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