Bandra's oldest grocery store, Kalidas Vishram packs a legacy of 125 years; know history here

Bandra's oldest grocery store, Kalidas Vishram packs a legacy of 125 years; know history here

Once upon a time in Mumbai.

Mumbai is known for its vibrant culture, stunning Arabian Sea sunsets, and most importantly – its incredible history! Famous attractions in Mumbai is a photo story which flits with those who wish to know more about the city. 

Bringing to you one such historic landmark, today we’re going to talk about Kalidas Vishram General Store. This is Bandra’s oldest grocery store on Bazaar Road is managed by the 4th generation of the Thakkar family – Jayesh and Jitesh Thakkar. And surprisingly, the lesser-known legend established in 1898, turns 125, this year.

A plethora of household items!


With the changing times, new places pop up in Bandra every now and then. However, 125-year-old Kalidas Vishram has stood the test of time for over a century. A place that sold grandma-recommended remedies originally, it had faithful customers coming from nearby villages, like Santacruz. Yes, this happening locale was a village back then, shocking right?!

But how did the store mange to sustain for so long? As said by Jayesh Thakkar, “Kalidash Vishram believes in maintaining one-to-one touch with its loyal customers. We proactively help them to resolve doubts regarding household items”. With time, the store has build strong credibility among generations of customers.

And 8 years back, the store introduced an Ayurvedic pharmacy in its premises. This Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Treatment Centre sells herbal medicines and even houses doctors for expert advice. The idea behind this pharmacy is to keep the science of herbal cures alive. So, if you’re looking for natural medicines for any kind of pain, you know where to go. Further, KV's General Store has quite a range of dry fruits, snacks, and cooking masalas, if not the entire list of daily necessities or staple foods.

Bustling with energy of Bazaar Road, you’ll find a number of two-wheelers and auto-rickshaws parked in front. Do drop in, have a look around Kalidas Vishram and embrace the history of Bandra, once a village near Mumbai.

Timing: 09:00 am to 01:00 pm | 04:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Address: Shop no 87, Bazaar Rd, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai.

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