Bringing lip-smacking flavours of North Indian chaat to Bandra, Imlee is the newest snacking spot

Bringing lip-smacking flavours of North Indian chaat to Bandra, Imlee is the newest snacking spot

Read on to find out more.

Ready to have your taste buds dancing with joy? You are in luck then, coz Imlee - The Chaat Gali has just set up shop in Bandra, bringing the authentic and oh-so-delicious flavours of North Indian chaats to Mumbai. Be it Pyaaz Kachori, straight from the streets of Jodhpur, Delhi's Dahi Bhalla or the sinfully delightful Jalebi-Rabdi, Bandra's Imlee is for those who crave it all! Read on to know more.

Authentic flavours of North Indian street-side chaats 

At Imlee - The Chaat Gali, they take immense pride in delivering the vibrant flavours of North Indian street-side indulgence to every Mumbaikar. Thus, their offerings go beyond the regular chaat fare – from refreshing lassi, Dilli wale chhole kulche to irresistible pyaaz kachori, you'll find it all on the menu. And that's not it! The classic pani puri has received a fabulous Delhi-style makeover at Imlee, complete with an array of delicious fillings to choose from.

Despite being situated in the upscale neighbourhood of Bandra, Imlee - The Chaat Gali remains a budget-friendly option for those craving genuine North Indian chaats.

A culinary establishment which supports a noble cause

Imlee - The Chaat Gali is founded by Neeti Goel, who is also the owner of renowned establishments like Keiba, Ostaad, Madras Diaries, Amore Villas Alibaug, and more. Neeti has a philanthropic touch too, directing proceeds from her ventures to support widows in the Sundarbans.

So, the next time evening hunger pangs strike, make sure to head to Imlee in Bandra. The distinctive chatkara of North Indian chaat sets it apart and you wouldn't want to miss it!

Where: Imlee Chaat Galli, Shop No.5, Carlton Court Building beside Junction of Turner and Perry Cross Rd, Bandra

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