Maharashtra Chana Bhandar
Maharashtra Chana Bhandar

Come over to Bandra's 78-YO Maharashtra Chana Bhandar, for the love of street food!

If you have a committed relationship with chaat, then you gotta swing by.

Hola, fellow foodies! The thing that basically defines us, is our united love for chaat and there’s no denying that. So, for the collective good of humanity, today we revisited the 78-year-old Maharashtra Chana Bhandar in Bandra's Pali Naka.

This chaat spot has been serving generations of Mumbaikars with its varied and budget-friendly offerings, all year round. And if you have a committed relationship with chaat (just like we do), then you gotta swing by here.

Let’s Chaat!

For over 78 years, the Maha Chana Bhandar family has been crafting sweet and savoury delights to satisfy all of their loyal customers. Passed down from generation to generation, each significantly contributing to the dish and taste, this Bandra chaat house has only become more popular. 

Maha Chana Bhandar is pretty famous for its variety of street-food options and rightly so! Currently, we’re obsessed with its Sev Puri (₹50), which has fried crispy puri topped with potato pieces, chole, oodles of dahi, tangy chutney and finally sprinkled with coriander leaves – all bursting in your mouth in each bite.

Moreover, aromas wafting from fresh samosas (₹20), piping-hot bhajias (₹35), Papdi and Gathiya activate the hunger pangs instantly. And since we all know that pain puri is one of the kings of Mumbai's street food options, you've got to try it here!

Maharashtra Chana Bhandar, Bandra
Maharashtra Chana Bhandar, Bandra

This Bandra chaat corner is quite popular among the locals and is a famous landmark. It is loaded with customers from 6 PM to 8 PM, so be prepared to stand in line for your turn. 

When: 8 AM to 10 PM

Where: 79, Pali Mala Road, Pali Village, Khar West [Beside Jhelum]

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