Fancy a wildlife tour without going too far? THIS new grassland trail is just 3 hrs from Mumbai

Fancy a wildlife tour without going too far? THIS new grassland trail is just 3 hrs from Mumbai

Only private four-wheelers are allowed for touring here.

Tired of the same old weekend haunts like Alibaug, Lonavala, and Durshet? Well, here's a breath of fresh air – quite literally! Pune Forest Department has just rolled out a unique wildlife experience near Pune, inviting you to step into nature's serene lap with their newly inaugurated Grassland Safari.

Picture this: A quaint safari, just 3.5 hours from Mumbai, where the symphony of rustling leaves and distant calls of wildlife replace the humdrum of city life. Read on to know more!

A true paradise for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts

Venture into the heart of the grasslands featuring two safari zones – Shirsuphal Zone and Kadbanwadi Zone, both featuring a vast ecosystem teeming with fascinating biodiversity. Encounter the untamed beauty of hyenas, wolves, jackals and foxes in their natural habitat.

The best part? This haven of tranquillity is still a well-kept secret, untouched by hordes of tourists. For nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and avid photographers, this haven is nothing short of a paradise as the place hosts over 330 species of resident and migratory birds.

All in all, this newest wildlife safari spot in Maharashtra is tailor-made for family trips and chilled weekend getaways with your gang. Imagine strolling through the wilderness, the air alive with the flutter of wings and the distant calls of unseen creatures, sounds enchanting, isn't it?

How to reach?

The place can be reached from the metropolis via Mumbai - Pune Highway, and is merely 150 km away, making it a perfect spot for a short weekend getaway

So, if you're yearning for a getaway that's off the beaten path, this is your chance. Pack your bags, leave the routine behind, and immerse yourself in the allure of the newest spot near Pune. Nature beckons and the serenity of the forest awaits – a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

Please note: At Grassland Safari, the forest department does not provide vehicles for the tour. Only private four-wheelers with a maximum seating capacity of seven individuals, including the driver and guide, are allowed for touring the zones.

Book your safari tour simply via the official website:

Contact for bookings: 8390001926

Total cost per vehicle: ₹2,100 (including guide)

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