Flavours of the sea: Mahesh Lunch Home is hosting its 22nd Crab & Wine Festival HERE in Mumbai

Flavours of the sea: Mahesh Lunch Home is hosting its 22nd Crab & Wine Festival HERE in Mumbai

This is Mumbai's first Mangoleran restaurant.

Mahesh Lunch Home has been serving authentic coastal cuisines across Mumbai, for over a decade now. Coined as one of Mumbai's popular eateries, this restro is know for its simplicity, courteous staff and superior taste.

What’s interesting is that MLH in Juhu is currently hosting the 22nd Edition of its Crab and Wine Festival, throughout the day, till November 8! So, here’s all you need to know about the festival, before heading out.

Let’s get crackling!

The first Mangoleran restaurant in Mumbai, Mahesh Lunch Home serves generous portions of home-style food, which propels you to come over again and again. Coming to its 22nd Annual Crab and Wine Festival, the menu is divided into three basic slots - soups, starters and of course, main course. What do we recommend you ask?

Spicy Malaysian Crab for ₹1125: Crab meat sautéd with bell pepper, basil, lemon grass and freshly grated coconut, with special Malaysian sweet and spicy sauce. This is an absolute win-win!

Korean Soy Crab for ₹1025: Tender crab meat in a mix of vegetables and apples, infused with the goodness of ginger garlic paste, soy sauce and gochujang Korean paste. This was well cooked and it brought home some authentic, delicious flavours.

Mustard Kamkara (Crab) Curry for ₹1025: Bengali-style crab cooked in whole mustard paste and rare spices, mixed with mustard oil. It was served in large quantities and felt like a true value of money. 

But we haven’t even covered the best part yet! With each of these dishes you can avail a complimentary glass of wine. Now that is some festival, right?!

Overall, speaking from experience, Mahesh Lunch Home Juhu delivers when it says 'authentic'. It is especially preferrable when you're looking for something specific (not to mention expensive), like Kundapur Curry!

Knock Knock 

Started in 1977 by SC Karkra, Mahesh Lunch Home has grown leaps and bounds and it is now stationed at in 4 spots across Mumbai (Fort, Juhu, Andheri, and Thane) and there's one in Pune. However, the Crab and Wine Festival is only applicable at the Juhu branch of this famous Mumbai restro.

All in all, Mahesh Lunch Home, even though expensive, is one of the big names in the city's culinary scenes and it surely ticks all the right boxes. So if you wish to experience some delightful coastal fare, do drop by at the Juhu outlet, before November 8. Follow Mahesh Lunch Home's Juhu Instagram handle for more updates. 

For reservations call: 9004655554

When: Lunch 12:00 am – 3:30 pm | Dinner 7:00 pm – 12:30 am

Where: Juhu Tara Rd, Next to J.W.Marriott, Uditi Tarang Housing Colony

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