Visit THIS Goan-style beach shack in Juhu, for the sake of sunsets & good food!

Visit THIS Goan-style beach shack in Juhu, for the sake of sunsets & good food!

The beachside shack is open from 11 AM to 11:30 PM

When in Mumbai, it is always 'beach season'! And the only thing that can fosho elevate our mood after a long beach stroll, is a good meal or maybe some snacks. Hence, whenever we're around Juhu Beach, we try paying a visit to Balaji Beach Shack!

Life is a ‘beach’, so lets get sandy!

Balaji Beach Shack, divided into two parts, promises the best of both words. While the first section is heaven for delectable creamy ice-cream, flavoured golas, thick shakes, refreshing juices and mocktails, the second section is dedicated to interesting food items. 

The menu here is filled with Indian, Chinese, American and Italian fare (only vegetarian). When here, do try Balaji’s Triple Schezwan Fried Rice (₹190), Cheese Pav Bhaji (₹145), and Amul Butter Tawa Pulao (₹150). Light on the pocket, overall, Balaji is a fun place to eat quality food.

Best part you ask? Chairs and tables are available in both the sections for you to comfortably sit and enjoy your meal while the sea wind brushes through your hair. If the sun gets too much, they also have fans inside.

Knock Knock

So, keep Balaji Beach Shack in mind the next time you’re packing up for a day at Juhu beach. Follow Balaji’s Instagram handle for more updates.

Pro tip: While at Juhu Beach, do not go in for swimming. Sewage flows directly into the ocean here through some channels, so the beach is best enjoyed as a workout location or to take in the mesmerising view of the sunrise/sunset whilst enjoying a light meal.

When: 11 AM to 11:30 PM

Where: Balaji's Shack, Birla Lane Road, Juhu beach

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