With budget alcohol & diverse food trucks, Juhu’s Bar Bank is all about a good time

With budget alcohol & diverse food trucks, Juhu’s Bar Bank is all about a good time

Know why GenZs love this 'bank'.

Okay, now you might want to sit down for this one! Chances are that you’ve already been here but if not, get ready to be surprised. If a place with infinite options of delicious food at affordable prices, is your kinda heaven too, then you don’t want to miss out on Bar Bank in Juhu. This 'bank' boasts of countless decorated trucks selling an array of food and alongside an array of booze options; we have all the deets!

Because it’s finally Decem-bar!

Designed with the idea of celebrating food and booze, this Bar is all about having a good time. It also happens to be next to the beach, making the experience all the more attractive. Fortunately, here you’ll find food trucks of different brands, such as Ministry of Eggs, Kunafa World, Phat Fork and Punjab Da Chulah alongside a popsicle truck, Paleteria. This ensure that there's something for everyone!

Moreover, Bar Bank has a stock market-based drink pricing system, where the prices change as per the real-time demand. Think of it as happy hours, where you control the prices of all the drinks! And trust us, it is pretty affordable.

Further, the place is accessorised with garlands of lights and colourful flags, running overhead. And when this colourful vibe is paired with the super chill and open-air setup, this bank becomes a comfort spot! This also kind of reminded us of a flea market - to give you more of an idea.

Also, if you love a bit of nostalgia-fueled binging, Bar Bank should be right up your street. After all, where else are you going to find so many classic 2014 pop songs playing in the background?!

Knock Knock

As people with a soft spot for everything aesthetic, we have to mention that the place also has a dedicated photo-booth for you to click Insta-worthy pictures with the gang. So, get ready to celebrate all things delicious (and cheap!) with a visit to Bar Bank in Juhu! Follow its Instagram handle for more updates. 

Age limit: Strictly 21+

When: 05:00 PM to 01:30 AM

Where: Ramada Palm Grove, opposite Ramada Plaza, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu

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