Bandra's Javaphile has a new 'Shelter' in Versova & it is the talk of the town!

Bandra's Javaphile has a new 'Shelter' in Versova & it is the talk of the town!

This is not going to be your regular café.

Folks, Bandra's hotspot Javaphile has a new 'Shelter' in Versova, and we're going gaga over it! Shelter by Javaphile is a three-story wonder which is rewriting the rules of a traditional café. Forget everything you know about typical cafés; Shelter is here to shake things up. This isn't just about caffeine fixes but about creating an atmosphere where every sip and every bite is an adventure.

So, if you're tired of the same old coffee routine, step into Shelter by Javaphile and let its vibe embrace you!

All set to become your new fav!

From the moment you step in, Shelter's carefully curated interiors beckon you to explore its diverse spaces. Fancy losing yourself in a good book? The inviting library café awaits. Craving a shared dining experience? The 14-seater gathering table at the heart of the café is perfect. Want a breath of fresh air? Ascend to the rooftop private dining area or enjoy an intimate gathering at the charming mini-amphitheatre.

Now, let's talk about Shelter's menu. This Versova eatery throws away the rule book with its all-day breakfast specials, tantalising smoothie bowls, crisp salads, healthy bowls, an array of loaf variants, mouthwatering burgers, wood-fired sourdough pizzas, and a sweet finale with delightful French pastries.

Knock Knock

Wait, it doesn't stop there! Shelter is not just about food, it's about forging connections. Get ready for a calendar packed with events that go beyond the plate. From side-splitting stand-up comedy to book clubs that feed both the mind and the stomach, Shelter promises to be a hub of entertainment.

Want to stay in the loop? Follow Shelter by Javaphile on Instagram to catch wind of its upcoming events and join the growing community that's making Shelter more than just a café.

Timing- 8 AM- 11 PM

Location- 28, JP Rd, opposite Dariya Mahal, Aram Nagar Part 1, Aram Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai

Contact for Reservations- +91 93214 70550

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