BEST launches AC bus services on CSMT-Mantralaya route

BEST launches AC bus services on CSMT-Mantralaya route

The AC bus service will start in the morning and will end at 9:30 PM

Acknowledging the rising demands from commuters on route A-115, BEST has decided to run AC buses till 9.30 PM on this route. Additionally, more AC buses will be started on several other routes, the first one being T2 International Airport-Khargarh-T2 Airport.

Reportedly, these buses will run at an interval of 50 minutes instead of 90 minutes, offering a comfortable commute to Vashi, Seawood, CBD Belapur and Kharghar. The cost of an AC bus ticket from T2 to Kharghar is set at ₹250.

BEST to set up a AC bus fleet

BEST started its first AC bus service in 2019, reportedly, two types of AC buses were first started, one Olectra's AC buses and the other BEST mini-buses. The AC bus service was first started from Andheri station on these routes, A-251, A-249, A-221, A-235, A-242, A-248 and A-254.

As per the officials, BMC and BEST are in talks to set up a fleet of Electric AC buses soon. The civic bodies are in talks with several other EV manufacturers including Olectra. At present, TATA is working on setting up 1500 EV charging stations in Mumbai and Olectra Electric buses have already started their operation on a wet lease.

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