Better late, than never! Finally, the wondrous Flamingos flock to Mumbai

Better late, than never! Finally, the wondrous Flamingos flock to Mumbai

Flamingos usually visit the wetlands of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region in November, but this year, they arrived slightly late

In case you've missed out on watching the pink beauties last year, allow us to give you some good news. Our annual guests have been in town for a while now, and it's the perfect time to catch the flocks in action! Wildlife lovers and birdwatchers can take a sigh of relief as thousands of flamingos which had earlier flocked to Mumbai, are now stepping out in the open, giving Mumbaikars a chance to see their beauty up front. Better late than never, this year, our favourite wading birds arrived late due to a prolonged monsoon season. This is also a classic example of how the slightest change in climate can impact wildlife at large.

Embark on boat safaris and see them up close!

Flamingos from Gujarat and Iran usually grace Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) in November, mostly for feeding purposes. Their migration starts soon after water-filled regions start drying up. The sites where Mumbaikars can see them in abundance are Thane creek, Airoli, Mahul, and Sewri.

According to reports from Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary (TCFS), the number of these avians is over 20,000. In light of this, TCFS is offering boat safari for tourists.

Since 1994, Thane creek has been attracting flamingos in large numbers. And these elegant birds occupy mudflats bordering mangroves till May, after which they migrate to Bhuj and Gujarat, leaving behind a small resident population.

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