BMC to set up dedicated feeding areas for stray dogs in Mumbai

BMC to set up dedicated feeding areas for stray dogs in Mumbai

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has started to mark land in each civic ward to develop new feeding spots in Mumbai

Amid speculations over the efficacy of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s sterlisation drive, the civic body has revealed its plan of installing dedicated feeding areas for stray dogs in Mumbai. The move closely follows the city dwellers’ concern over the rising number of stray attacks and dog bites in Mumbai, as the BMC advocates that proper care of strays will effectively help in reducing such animal-human conflicts.

As per reports, the civic body has already put the plan in action and has started to mark land in each of the 24 wards in the city to develop these feeding spots for street dogs.

BMC to onboard animal right activists to set up feeding spots 

According to a 2014 census, there are about 95,000 stray dogs in Mumbai; the real-time population is likely to be much higher. This large tally, therefore, draws the attention of the BMC to take definite action for their basic welfare schemes. This includes the vaccination and sterilisation of dogs, counting and registering of strays along with the installation of feeding spots and shelter homes for animals.

As of now, the dedicated feeding area plan is being conceived at priority, read reports. For this, the civic body will be onboarding animal right activists, related stakeholders and experts to chart out a proper plan for the same.

Why are dedicated feeding spots/ areas important?

While some may argue that there is no need for dedicated feeding spots in Mumbai since city dwellers are doing their bit, it cannot be neglected that feeding of strays is not persistent throughout the city. Moreover, people feed the strays in the open, which dirties roads, public places and even residential areas. This often leads to outrage among people who are not fond of strays or are scared of dogs. This is where a dedicated feeding spot will play an important role. It will ensure that the animals are fed timely, without causing trouble to others.

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