BMC to set up underground smart bins in South Mumbai

BMC to set up underground smart bins in South Mumbai

Read on to know more about the benefits of the underground waste disposal bins

Prepping for a better and cleaner tomorrow, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation announced that they will set up various underground bins at three locations in South Mumbai. The idea to set up a system like this in Mumbai was first envisioned in the 2018 civic budget, wherein the installation of smart bins was announced.

Reportedly, the installation of three underground bins will cost approximately ₹44.48 lakhs. As of now, a lot of factors need to be considered- this includes the benefits, and how the new system will affect the conventional garbage collection system. Well, let's take a look at the particulars of this new underground waste disposal system.

Benefits of underground smart bins

Equipped with smart sensors to identify the type of waste, the smart underground bins will ensure cleanliness in localities. Listed below are some major advantages of underground bins:

  • As per the study, by installing such bins, local civic bodies can save up to 50% on collection costs. Since daily collection will not be required, it will reduce the logistic cost and labour cost.

  • An emerging trend in the underground waste collection is to create not just a more efficient system, but a more eye-catching system as well. So, they will be easily noticeable and you won't miss them.

  • Besides a larger capacity for waste material, storing waste underground has many extra benefits too. So, now with the majority of the waste locked beneath the ground, a natural pest and bacteria-resistant environment is created, helping create a clean environment.

  • Since the dumpsters will be located underground, there wouldn't be any geographical restrictions on their placement.

Today's complex environment requires a modern approach

For a civic body, managing municipal solid waste one of the most complex tasks. It is vital to understand the special care that is needed to cater to today’s complex environment. Luckily, with various successful social media campaigns and inducting the latest tech to meet the city's needs, BMC is moving forward for better conservation of the environment.

With these smart bins, the civic body plans to notch up the whole solid waste management system. Reportedly, the tentative sites for the installation of these bins are Machimar Nagar and Shiv Shakti Nagar in the Cuffe Parade area. These underground bin systems will have a total capacity of 2,200-litres (two 1,100-litre containers each).

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