Bombay Biryani | A melange of Persian, Mughlai and local Maharashtrian culinary traditions!

Bombay Biryani | A melange of Persian, Mughlai and local Maharashtrian culinary traditions!

A taste of Mumbai.

Indulging in Bombay Biryani is like taking a bite out of Mumbai's culinary soul - an evergreen classic that speaks volumes without saying a word. With Mumbai's unique mélange of spices on this beloved favourite, you're not just diving into a plate of biryani; you're immersing yourself in a symphony of flavours, where each bite a delicious journey through the city's rich culinary tapestry. 

In this article, we'll delve into Bombay Biryani’s history waiting to be savoured.

Unveiling Mumbai's Culinary Gem

A regional take on the classic, Bombay Biryani has inherited its name from present-day Mumbai. Striking a harmonious balance between sweet, sour and spicy, Bombay Biryani gets its distinctive flavour from the use of dried plums and fried potatoes. Also, featuring chunks of slow-cooked meat or chicken and fragrant basmati rice that’s then layered and cooked together for an earthy aroma—this is one of those quintessential dishes you can’t go wrong with!

Influenced by Persian, Mughlai, and local Maharashtrian culinary traditions, Bombay Biryani is all about the process you must master to the tee for authentic taste. Over the years, the recipe has continued to evolve, with new interpretations and innovations emerging to cater to changing palette. From humble street-side stalls to upscale restaurants, you’ll find Bombay Biryani making rounds in the beloved streets of Mumbai, loved by locals and visitors alike.

Knock Knock

To be honest, we absolutely relish our mom’s biryani, but if we were to step out and choose one, our top pick would undoubtedly be Art of Dum. They serve biryani beautifully packaged in an earthen pot, sealed with dough (we can almost see you drooling away). Otherwise, there's always the tempting option of Jaffer Bhai Delhi Darbar’s mutton biryani, a crowd favourite that never fails to impress.

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