British-era names of THESE 8 Mumbai local railway stations to be replaced; see list

British-era names of THESE 8 Mumbai local railway stations to be replaced; see list

In March 1996, Victoria Terminus was renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.

The Maharashtra State Government has approved the renaming of eight British-era local railway stations in Mumbai. After securing approval from the state cabinet, the proposal is set to be forwarded to the Union Government. This initiative focuses on eliminating colonial influence and acknowledging India’s autonomy.

List of the proposed names:

According to this proposal, 8 suburban railway stations on both the Central and Western Railway networks will undergo name changes. The proposed names are:

  • Mumbai Central to Nana Jagannath Shankarsheth Railway Station

  • Curry Road to Lalbaug

  • Marine Lines to Mumbadevi

  • Sandhurst Road to Dongri

  • Cotton Green to Kalachowki

  • Charni Road to Girgaon

  • Dockyard Road to Mazgaon

  • King's Circle to Tirthankara Parswanath

This move aims to eliminate colonial legacies, reflecting a growing desire among the public to reclaim indigenous identities. However, it has been pointed out that some existing names hold significant local and historical importance, unrelated to colonialism. It is also being mentioned that names like Charni Road and Marine Lines, have origins in Marathi, with no colonial connections.

Union Government renamed Mumbai landmarks in 2017

In 2017, the Union Government had initiated renaming efforts, exemplified by the transformation of Elphinstone Road Station into Prabhadevi Station, honouring the nearby Prabhadevi Temple. Additionally, Victoria Terminus, named after Queen Victoria of Great Britain, was rechristened as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, in March 1996. Interestingly, stations like Grand Road and Reay Road, named after British Governors, have remained unchanged.

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