Chantilly Cheesecake
Chantilly Cheesecake

Chantilly's Assorted Cheesecake Board, 'bakes' our day sweeter; know about this Bandra gem!

Weekday evenings are ideal to secure a peaceful spot here.

Chantilly is a tiny powerhouse that packs a big punch! This Bandra gem oozes cosy vibes - making it the perfect spot to chillax with buddies and fam. Step inside, and you're in for a whimsical wonderland with twinkling fairy lights, dreamcatchers, and the aroma of their much-loved cheesecakes!

Moving over its quaint and calm ambience, as you strut through their food menu, you'll be nothing short of impressed! From finger-licking appetizers to delicious entrees, and sinfully delightful desserts – Chantilly has got it all covered! But let's talk about the star here.

Nutella Cheesecake: The Real Star Kid

Chantilly Cafe's Nutella Cheesecake is beyond compare, leaving patrons in awe of its scrumptiousness. So much so, that some are tempted to just gaze at it in wonder, but inevitably, they end up ordering more than one. Even the non-cheesecake enthusiasts find themselves converted, by its sheer deliciousness.

Did you assume that is all? Well, there's more.

They also serve an Assorted Cheesecake Board, where you can pick any 8 flavours of cheesecake and they'll make a party board out of it. So you'll get 8 slices with 8 different flavours - no more tough decisions of choosing just one!

BTW their Red Velvet Pastry, is a also another masterpiece, thanks to its delectable frosting. But the goodness doesn't end there—every dish served at Chantilly Cafe boasts unparalleled freshness and flavours that will linger on taste buds.

Knock Knock

Step in, and you will be greeted by a sorcerous sight - fairy lights twinkling like stars, dreamcatchers adding a touch of mystique, and the cosiest seating ever. You'll feel like you're in a dreamy landscape, with no intentions of returning to reality, anytime soon!


1. Weekday evenings are ideal to secure a peaceful spot.

2. The cheesecake is a must-try - do not think twice, just order it.

3. It would cost around Rs.500 - 1000 per person.

Address: Shop no. 2, Darvesh Royale Building, Opposite Kotak Mahindra Bank Turner Road, Perry Rd, Junction, Bandra West

Hours: From 2 PM to 12:30 PM

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