Check out THESE 6 interesting facts about Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

Check out THESE 6 interesting facts about Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

India's longest sea bridge, open tolling system, bus route S-145, and more.

Mumbai's Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), inaugurated on January 12, has become a rapid success. The sea bridge witnessed an average of nearly 30,000 vehicles traversing its 21.8 km span daily in the first, 10 days. So today we've got you six interesting facts about the much-talked-about MTHL, highlighting its transformative impact.

1. India's longest sea bridge

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, spanning six lanes and stretching 21.8 kilometers, stands as India's longest and world's 10th largest sea bridge. Notably, a significant portion of its total length, approximately 16.5 kilometers, extends above the sea surface, marking a remarkable feat in India's infrastructure landscape. It has 6 lanes (3+3 lanes) plus one emergency lane on both sides.

2. Travel from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai in 20 minutes

The sea bridge is poised to revolutionise connectivity within the Mumbai Metropolitan Region by linking Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, alleviating traffic congestion, and fostering economic growth. Commuters can anticipate swift travel times, with journeys from Sewri in central Mumbai to Chirle in Navi Mumbai reduced to a mere 15 to 20 minutes from 4-40 minutes earlier, enhancing accessibility and efficiency across the region.

3. No need to stop for tolls

The implementation of the Open Tolling System (OTS) ensures that vehicles traversing MTHL, need not come to a halt for toll payments while still on the bridge, streamlining the journey for commuters. Also called all-electronic tolling, cashless tolling, or free-flow tolling, is the collection of tolls on toll roads without the use of booths.

4. CCTV cameras at every 250 metres

To enhance security measures, CCTV cameras are positioned at intervals of 250 meters along the bridge. These cameras will undergo continuous monitoring, complemented by emergency call boxes strategically placed at regular intervals. Additionally, the bridge will feature two small police stations, equipped with emergency services and support vehicles stationed at midway points.

5. OSD is used to keep the structure light

India's record-breaking Orthotropic Steel Deck (OSD) is used in Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), boasting cutting-edge engineering marvels. This groundbreaking OSD ingeniously employs a steel deck for structural fortitude, while steel ribs guarantee a lightweight framework, diverging from traditional solid steel beams.

6. Bus service to transport Mumbaikars across MTHL

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) has announced the launch of Mumbai's inaugural public transport bus service on Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), commonly referred to as Atal Setu. The freshly introduced route, designated as S-145, is seamlessly integrated with the Chalo App, representing a notable extension of BEST's offerings to the Ulwe node in Navi Mumbai.

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