COVID cases rise to a 67-day high in Maharashtra; 194 cases registered in Mumbai

COVID cases rise to a 67-day high in Maharashtra; 194 cases registered in Mumbai

Maharashtra reports 307 fresh coronavirus cases on Wednesday

Daily COVID cases in Maharashtra soared up to 307 infections on Wednesday, marking the highest single-day spike in over 2 months. The state last reported a tally over the 300 mark on March 12. As per the reports, the maximum share of this caseload was reported from capital Mumbai, where 194 tested positive for coronavirus. On the other hand, the MMR tally rose up to 241 cases, which accounts for 79% of Maharashtra’s total COVID rise in the last 24 hours.

COVID figures & statistics: 


The COVID-19 graph marked a sharp spike in Maharashtra on Wednesday, however, the pandemic concerns remain limited. This is primarily because most new cases are either asymptomatic or with mild symptoms. In addition to that, the rate of hospitalisations is significantly low vis-a-vis the infection load.

Nevertheless, a strict vigil is being maintained in the city, given the global pandemic trends, especially in China, North Korea and Taiwan, the Additional Health Secretary of the state reportedly said.

The surveillance reports of the day, show that the active cases in Maharashtra are now up to 1,605, whereas Mumbai’s share stands at 1000, the highest across all districts. Official records further reveal that the last time Mumbai’s active tally surged over the 1000-count was on February 26, 2022.

What do the COVID trends suggest?  

The sudden rise after almost two-month of sustained pandemic control has sparked caution against new variants of the novel coronavirus. The state is reportedly tracking mutations and new strains to identify the spurt, though nothing concrete has been determined for the same.

As per the reports, city doctors and associates of the COVID-19 task force too, have confirmed a surge in the number of cases in the past week. However, there is no rise in the severity of cases. Many new cases are coming from the same family rather than super or community spreaders.

Pandemic trend in Maharashtra

To summarise, the pandemic trends in Maharashtra and Mumbai show:

  • There is no new strain or specific reason driving new cases

  • Maharashtra’s new cases are not that severe; hospitalisations are low

  • There is no community transmission as of yet

  • The state has not reached its critical threshold of cases

Despite this, COVID monitoring is being exercised in the state. Vulnerable people are advised to stay indoors and those stepping out must adhere to pandemic-appropriate behaviour. Wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining social distancing can help break the chain of infection.

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