Craving a chilled drink to beat the heat? Pin THESE 5 must-try beer spots in Bandra-Khar!

Craving a chilled drink to beat the heat? Pin THESE 5 must-try beer spots in Bandra-Khar!

Haven for parched souls in this heat!

The relentless summer sun is scroching us out! But fret not, for the humble beer, stand ready as your steadfast ally in this battle against the summery wrath. So, dear readers, don your sunglasses, grab your friends, and embark with us on an expedition through the coolest spots in Mumbai, where every beer sip is a toast to beating the heat in style, one refreshing gulp at a time!

1. Doolally Taproom

As summer graces us with its warmth, Doolally Taproom is a trusted haven for craft beer enthusiasts. Here, we couldn't help drooling over a beautiful Tap Beer Menu brewed on-site. Crafted with precision, our palates rejoice in the delights of Apple Cider, Alphonso Mead, and Belgian Witbier. So, relax and indulge in the refreshing array of beers crafted to invigorate and refresh amidst the sweltering heat.

When: 7 am to 1 am

Where: Multilink House, Road No. 3, Khar, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West

2. BrewDog

Amidst the burgeoning appetite for artisanal brews in Mumbai, BrewDog emerges as the quintessential choice for discerning beer aficionados. With 20+ beers on tap, it has the ability to satisfy almost any particular beer craving you might have. Additionally, paw-parents are welcome with their dogs and the bar-crew will make sure that they have an equally good time. 

When: 12 noon to 1:30 am

Where: Ground and 1st Floor, Pinnacle House 604, 15th Road, Hinduja Junction, Khar West

3. The Bar Stock Exchange 

With its unique concept of fluctuating drink prices, The Bar Stock Exchange provides an entertaining drinking experience. Enjoy the thrill of bidding for your favourite beers while cooling off from the heat. It is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after party spots for Mumbaikars when they are trying to cut back on their expenditure. 

When: 5 pm to 1:30 am

Where: 3rd Floor, Kenilworth Plaza, Linking Road, Bandra West

4. The Little Easy

One of Bandra’s favourite chill out spots, The Little Easy will help you beat the heat seamlessly. This typical cutesy neighbourhood bar offers a large range of cocktails, craft beers and numerous cuisines. Head to this brewery for pleasantly surprising beers with fresh flavour profiles, that’ll help you revive in no time. 

When: 12 noon to 1:30 am

Where: Link Corner, 231 A, Linking Road, Bandra West

5. Gateway Taproom

A stunning eatery in BKC, Gateway Taproom is done with rustic and wooden interiors. It’s known for a happening nightlife, so do check out this one on a Friday night! This eatery cum brewery serves delish fizzy beer and succulent seafood that’s super aesthetic. When here, you can try a range of cuisines, wash ‘em down with a chilled beer and there, you are all set for the day! 

When: 12 noon to 1:30 am

Where: Ground Floor, 3, Jet Airways Godrej BKC, Plot No. C-68, G Block BKC, BKC, Bandra East

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