Curl up with a book & a warm cup of coffee at THIS BKC bookshop, for some ‘me’ time!

Curl up with a book & a warm cup of coffee at THIS BKC bookshop, for some ‘me’ time!

A space for bibliophiles of all age groups.

Taking time to curl up in your favourite corner and devour an encapsulating book is one of life’s simple pleasures. But if you want to share your thoughts about an author, discuss a book’s thorny questions or just connect with like-minded people, then head to White Crow Books and Coffee at Jio World Drive, BKC. A platform to share intriguing stories with a coffee, TWC is best of both worlds.

To ‘bean’ or not to ‘bean’!

Home to a wide range of books, this library in BKC is a modern, brightly lit, creative space that hopes to provide comfort to bibliophiles of all age groups. With beautiful tall wooden shelves filled with colourful books on all sides, a sprawling glass ceiling reflecting high-spirited faces, and vibrant paining here and there, the White Crow Book and Coffee feels like a warm hug. 

In this cosy little bookstore in the heart of BKC, you're sure to find a book to love and coffee, just the way you like it.

Apart from easy access to amazing books by greats authors, this bookstore now also sells cool artworks. And if you happen to like any of the portraits, just scan the QR code to unravel details on the artist, plus exclusive discounts. You can avail this code at the store or on TWC’s official website.

Knock Knock 

In short, The White Crow Books and Coffee derives its objective from creating a premium space for coffee connoisseurs and bibliophiles and what a lovely marry up!

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When: 11 am to 10 pm

Where: Second Floor, Jio World Drive, BKC

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