Drive over to India's ONLY gem & mineral museum, located approx. 200 km away from Mumbai

Drive over to India's ONLY gem & mineral museum, located approx. 200 km away from Mumbai

It is also the world’s biggest “Private” Gem & Mineral Museum.

Mumbaikars, as you plan your next excursion to Nashik to explore its vineyards, make sure to include a stop at Gargoti Mineral Museum. It is India's first and only gem & mineral museum, situated in the Malegaon area of Nashik district.

This remarkable museum beckons visitors to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of natural crystals, zeolites, and minerals. Whether you're a history lover or simply curious about Earth's geological marvels, Gargoti promises a journey filled with wonder!

Unearthing earth's treasures

Established by Mr. Krishna Chandra Pandey, a former Naval Engineer, this unique, private museum boasts a remarkable collection of natural mineral and gem specimens amassed over 40 years. Inaugurated by Hon. Shri. Balasaheb Thackeray in 2001, Gargoti derives its name from the Marathi word for 'pebbles', a nod to the spectacular zeolites it houses.

Pandey's journey from a Naval Engineer to a renowned collector and exporter, culminated in the creation of this museum, aimed at educating people about India's rich natural treasures. Spanning over 2 floors, the museum's contemporary architecture houses two main sections: The Deccan Plateau Gallery, showcasing Indian zeolites and minerals, and The Prestige Gallery, exhibiting gems and minerals from around the globe. As visitors step through its doors, they are greeted by an awe-inspiring statue of "Mother India" and treated to a journey through time.

Each mineral on display is a testament to Earth's ancient history, with some specimens dating back over 65 million years. Apart from Ahmednagar's apophyllite and Pune's cavansite, you can expect displays of sapphire from Sri Lanka and native gold from California, USA, as well. Moreover, visitors can marvel at dinosaur fossils from Gujarat and even rocks from the Moon and Mars.

Drive over to India's ONLY gem & mineral museum, located approx. 200 km away from Mumbai
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A souvenir shop for all!

Beyond its extensive collection, this Nashik museum offers visitors a chance to take home a piece of its magic through a souvenir shop, featuring exclusive stone collectibles and handicrafts. Additionally, recognised with prestigious awards like Pride of India and Saraswati Puraskar, Gargoti is also the world’s biggest “Private Gem & Mineral Museum".

Timings- 9 AM - 6 PM every day

Location- D-59, MIDC, MIDC Area, Malegaon

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