Escape from Mumbai to the unique Monteria Village, a 'simulated' rural retreat

Escape from Mumbai to the unique Monteria Village, a 'simulated' rural retreat

Bringing the modalities of village rhythm to life, Monteria Village is a wholesome, family-friendly experience.

As winters envelop us in serenity and the holidays spread joy, it's time to plan little getaway trips! And one suggestion, sitting right on our radar, is swapping the hustle-bustle of Mumbai with the tranquility of Monteria Village.

A leisurely two-hour drive (approx 58 kms) from the city, this 'mock' village is tucked away in the idyllic stretch of Khalapur, Raigad district. If you like the idea of escaping to a simulated rural retreat for a day, this place is for you!

Explore the quaint charm of Monteria Village

Surrounded by verdant landscapes, Monteria is where the village rhythm comes to life. It not only emulates the village economy and community spirit, but also offers local cuisines, presents folk performances and awakens most modalities of a basic villager.

Thus, offering a window into the rural life, this family-friendly place has numerous fun activities for you to engage in. Whether it's learning about traditional yet sustainable house-building techniques practised in Indian villages that remain time-hallowed for a reason, or exploring the humongous farms, Monteria Village is replete with unique experiences.

Things to do, activities to engage in

The quaint charm of this village is showcased in vibrant concrete mud huts with thatched roofs, idyllic open areas and lush greenery, but there's much more to learn!

For instance, the Dhanvantri Garden here proffers immersive farming courses (from bio-gas to vermicompost) and other agricultural techniques. Similarly, you may peregrinate through Nakshatra Garden - a zodiac-inspired haven, delve into a cave tunnel orrr explore unique rides (like a model green train), a swing circle and a modified 'bullet chakda' journey!

If this sounds fascinating already, you'd be awed to know about the culinary delights here. Sabras, the on-site restaurant, serves home-cooked meals and you may also indulge in a fleet of various foods, including pani puri, spicy chaats, matka curd and so on.

During the resplendent evenings, Monteria's Anand Mela will help you revive your childhood memories of vibrant hues and delightful treats, activities, games and mouth-watering street food! Besides, Anand Mela also entertains guests with folk music, dance and theatre performances in the amphitheatre.

All in all, Monteria Village is the perfect escape from the city - a reminder to get back to your roots and to remain in touch with nature frequently. By involving you in a rich tapestry of unique adventures and experiences, the place allows visitors to unwind and relax.

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Cost: All-inclusive 1-day package of ₹1,300 for a child, ₹1,600 for an adult

Location: Kalote mokashi, Khalapur, Raigad district, Maharashtra

Escape from Mumbai to the unique Monteria Village, a 'simulated' rural retreat
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