Explore trails of history by the Arabian Sea! Head to Khanderi from Mumbai, for a one-day getaway

Explore trails of history by the Arabian Sea! Head to Khanderi from Mumbai, for a one-day getaway

A special permission from Mumbai Port Trust is required to visit this place.

If you're looking for a day trip from Mumbai, why not check out Khanderi Island? Located at a distance of 20 kms away from Gateway of India, it's a great option because it's not as crowded as other tourist spots. However, you can only go there if you have special permission from Mumbai Port Trust, since it's not open to the general public or tourists.

About Khanderi Island

The island of Khanderi was inhabited until 1679, when Shivaji’s forces captured it. Nearby is the sister fort of Khanderi, Underi. Underi was captured by the Siddhis in 1680 and became their capital. The area saw a lot of naval battles between Shivaji and Siddhis. The island was named after the Maratha General, Kanhoji Angre.

Khanderi’s history is rich and fascinating. Let’s start with the well-preserved fort, which proudly stands as a reminder of ancient times. The island’s landscape is dominated by an imposing lighthouse, which was built by the British in 1867 and stands tall at 22 feet.

The lighthouse has a visibility of 13 kilometres and has provided navigational guidance to sailors and seafarers for centuries. In addition to the lighthouse, Khanderi is home to a series of metal cannons as well as a famed 'musical stone', that produces metallic musical notes upon striking.

Other attractions

If you're visiting Khanderi, there are other amazing places to check out. Vetal Temple is a 17th-century Hindu temple that was built with huge white stones in the shape of a heart. It's important to the local fishermen community because it's a place of worship and they use it for their rituals.

Another spot is Daud Pir's Tomb, which is dedicated to St. Daud and is also a place of worship for the local fishermen who come here to pray and pay their respects.

With the aim to enhance the scope of Khanderi tourism, and to attract international tourism as well, the Mumbai Port Authority is developing Kanhoji Angre Island under the Lighthouse Tourism Scheme. The island will have facilities for trekking, outdoor restaurants, overnight camping and so on.

How to reach?

Embark on your journey by catching an early morning ferry from the Gateway of India to Mandwa, which typically takes approximately 1.5 hours. From Mandwa, a short 30-minute bus ride will lead you to Alibaug. After arriving in Alibaug, hop on a rickshaw to Thal Village, and from there, board a boat to reach the captivating Khanderi Fort.

Happy trippin'!

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