First-class passengers can now upgrade to AC locals in Mumbai

First-class passengers can now upgrade to AC locals in Mumbai

Over 43,000 passengers travel daily via AC locals in Mumbai.

The AC locals in Mumbai have started gaining back the footfalls once again with a 7-fold increase in ridership over the past six months. With an aim to attract more people towards AC locals, Central Railways has now announced a pass upgradation scheme for first class local train passengers.

With this, the first class local train passengers will now be allowed to travel in the AC locals by just upgrading their passes and paying the difference amount.

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Get your first-class local train passes upgraded to AC local pass now

Reportedly, the pass upgradation scheme is only available for the first class local train passengers. The pass holders will have to pay the difference in fare while upgrading the ticket. This difference amount will be calculated for the period from when the upgrade was made till the date of expiry.

The scheme would be available for all AC EMU, DEMU and MEMU trains. The passengers will be allowed to upgrade their first class quarterly, half-yearly and yearly passes with the same expiry date.

Mumbai heads towards more safer and comfortable commute

By providing comfortable travel options and being sensitive towards the well-being of the commuters, Central Railway (CR) is always at the forefront in its efforts to provide appropriate services. Notably, the overwhelming response towards AC local train services has given a boost to CR’s efforts in offering the best services.

As per the data revealed by the CR, the number of passengers travelling by AC locals has increased considerably in the past six months from a daily average of 5,939 passengers in February this year to that of 41,333 passengers in the month of August. Thane recorded boarding of the highest number of passengers, followed by Dombivali and Kalyan.

As of now, a total of 66 AC Suburban trains run across the length and breadth of Mumbai and nearby areas. The move to offer flexibility for the passengers by allowing them to choose the type of services they want is aimed at attracting more passengers to go for AC service for a safer and more comfortable commute.

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