First in India, CSMT in Mumbai gets new augmented reality screens!

First in India, CSMT in Mumbai gets new augmented reality screens!

Central Railways is working to generate up to ₹5 lakh revenue in the next five years from it, from accessory innovations at CSMT

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) Mumbai is the first Indian railway station to be equipped with augmented reality screens and unique pod experience for its passengers. The aim behind these initiatives stands to generate more revenue for Central Railway and offer passengers infotainment and comfort during waiting periods. Read further to know about these innovative initiatives by CSMT.

Waiting for a train at CSMT? Have some fun till it comes

Travel never comes to a halt at Mumbai’s busiest railway station, CSMT, even for commuters who are waiting for their trains! If not on the tracks, CMST passengers will be able to set off on a virtual tour, from an animal world to snowfall landscapes and other magical visits around the world. As per officials, the content will change each month depending on the occasions to keep the passengers engaged.

Central railways had reportedly sealed a deal with Timeslider Tourism Pvt. Ltd. turn the Augmented Reality Magic Mirror project into a reality. The futuristic technology also promises display of real-time digitized train schedule with a scrolling screen.

Boutique POD, next generation smart Hotel at CSMT

Apart from the augmented reality mirror screen, IRCTC has also introduced a path-breaking concept in hospitality services for the passengers of Indian Railways. The Central Railway, in association with Urban Pod Pvt Ltd, Mumbai has installed Japanese-concept pod hotels on the premises, to offer unique retirement facilties to travellers.

The pod hotel features many small bed-sized rooms known as capsules with air-conditioned private accommodation, mobile charging facility, locker rooms, fire alarm alert, intercom and deluxe bathroom.

There are a total of 40 pods available here, including 30 single pods, six double pods, and four family pods. Booking of these pods can be done through walk in or online mode.

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