For your next wholesome meal in Mumbai, go for the dry & spicy Bombay Sukka Mutton

For your next wholesome meal in Mumbai, go for the dry & spicy Bombay Sukka Mutton

This traditionally popular dish has well-chopped mutton pieces cooked in roasted spices.

Coming straight out from the Mumbai coastal community is the Bombay Sukka Mutton, with its hot and delightfully dry taste. This traditionally popular and much-loved delicacy has well-chopped mutton pieces cooked in a dry spicy masala, that'll leave your mouth watering.

Loaded with heaps of iron, protein and zinc, this nutritious dish that Mumbaikars go gaga over makes for a wholesome meal. Cook it with chunks of meat, aromatic roasted spices and shallots, pair it with steamy rice aand just like that, your day is made!

Historical relevance

There are various versions associated with the origin of Sukka or Chukka Mutton, from roots going to Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Maharashtra.

Hold your horses, people, for we're about to dive into the sands of time, and travel before 200 AD where the name of the dish has even occurred in the literature of the Sangam era.

It is speculated that the sukka (translated to dry) came into existence because of the dry climate. Red meat became a sustainable choice for a large population of tradesmen. Another story version goes back to the saying that skilled Saurashtrian weavers from Maharashtra brought the Mutton Sukka to the Chola kingdom.

Whatever the legend may be, we're just happy that we have the liberty to experience the joy of eating the dish even today!

A filling entrée

Earlier, the Mutton Sukka used to be prepared in a huge earthen pot with ginger, turmeric, and bay leaf to make the meat tender. It was cooked until no mark of the gravy remained. Masalas were, of course, added in all versions of the Mutton Sukka.

Now, this absolutely easy-to-make recipe involves bite-sized pieces of the goat meat, marinated with onions, red chilli and turmeric powders, lime juice. And, of course, like we mentioned, the gravy is still negligible and so the mutton is cooked until dry. The Bombay Sukka Mutton can be eaten along with wade, chapattis or rice to make a fulfilling entree!

While we're sure all the mutton lovers in Mumbai have tasted his delectable spread of meat, but if you haven't (we're trying not to judge), here's your chance of devouring pieces straight from heaven!

Here are some of the much recommended places serving fresh Sukka Mutton in Mumbai — Dadar's Jai Hind Lunch Home, Cafe Sifarish in Andheri East, New Sunrise Restaurant, Byculla, and so on.

For your next wholesome meal in Mumbai, go for the dry & spicy Bombay Sukka Mutton
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