Founders of Bandra's Project Hum reveal 'secret' ingredients that keep diners hooked!

Founders of Bandra's Project Hum reveal 'secret' ingredients that keep diners hooked!

Project Hum unfolds as a cosy farm-to-table restaurant.

Step into Project Hum, nestled in Bandra West, where every bite is a conscious stride towards sustainable eating. Led by the dynamic trio of Jatin Talreja, Raghav Simha, and Pragun Bajaj, Project Hum unfolds as a cosy farm-to-table restaurant, inviting foodies to savour guilt-free delicacies.

In a recent conversation with Knocksense, co-founders Jatin and Raghav spoke about their farm-to-table venture - emphasising the importance of quality food, its affordability, and accessibility. Know all the deets here!

In a tête-à-tête with Knocksense

What's the story behind Project Hum?

"Launched two years ago, Project Hum has been a pioneer in showcasing what an alternative food system looks like. Our mission is clear - source seasonal ingredients, support local farmers, and make organic food accessible to everyone", Raghav was quoted as saying.

He further added, "Essentially, this is our journey of establishing a farm-to-table restaurant that values good food, freshly sourced ingredients and has affordable pricing."

So, how does Bandra help as a location?

According to Jatin and Raghav, Pali Hill's strong sense of community and openness to trying new things made it the ideal location. "The people here appreciate freshness and inquire about the origins of ingredients - showing a genuine interest in supporting sustainable businesses."

Online Orders Vs Walk-ins - Who Wins?

Raghav mentioned, "Despite being a flagship store, Project Hum has successfully built a strong community, in the last year and a half. We find a good balance between walk-ins and online orders, especially during lunch hours. Our food travels well and we also cater to various offices in BKC, Juhu and Lower Parel."

What are your expansion plans?

As per Raghav and Jatin, "We may consider locations like Juhu and Colaba in the future. Beyond the restaurant, we are also actively engaged in events, catering services, and crafting daily meal plans for fitness enthusiasts in and around the area. We also started with 7 people and now there are 32 of us - that's also an expansion in a way."

Recommended dishes at Project Hum?

Jatin and Raghav recommend signature dishes, like Sweet Potato Fries and encourage people to explore new additions, infused with Asian flavours, including salads, Greek bowls, and berry salads.

Fondest memory at the restaurant?

In their words, "each day becomes a cherished memory in the vibrant atmosphere we create." Specifically, Raghav emphasises, "Our one-year anniversary celebration stands out as truly special. We shared a post on Instagram, announcing our completion of one year. We hosted a party for our regular customers, crafted a special menu, and were delighted to welcome an incredible 250 walk-ins. It gave us a sense of validation that was truly gratifying."

A symphony of taste, well-being, and sustainability

Founders of Bandra's Project Hum reveal 'secret' ingredients that keep diners hooked!
Clean & Green: Come over to Bandra's Project Hum to hog on food without counting calories!

To wrap up, Project Hum stands as a dedicated pledge to deliver unparalleled services and exquisite flavours to its cherished visitors. Beyond the healthy feast, Project Hum stands as a testament to a steadfast commitment, promising not just impeccable services but a symphony of taste, well-being, and sustainability. Your palate is in for an extraordinary journey!

Timings- 11 AM - 11 PM

Location- Project Hum, Saint John Street, Bandra West, Mumbai

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