Fueling Mumbai's Bicycle Project, new bike parking stands installed around Bandra-Santacruz

Fueling Mumbai's Bicycle Project, new bike parking stands installed around Bandra-Santacruz

By 2030, the city plans to shift 50% of urban commuters to bicycles for multiple reasons; know here.

Mumbai is embracing a global effect, led by international cyclists’ organisations, to encourage half of all urban commuters to switch to bicycles by 2030. In tandem with the same, fresh bike parking spots are sprouting in H (west) municipal ward covering Bandra-Santacruz.

Mumbai Cycling Project, a collab between Smart Commute Foundation (advocators of cycling infrastructure) and local authorities, is behind the initiative. And while the end goal seems ambitious for the city, the installation of the recent cycle stand at Bandra Reclamation looks promising for cycling enthusiasts.

Plans for 2030; Benefits of cycling as a commuting choice

Besides the above, stands have been installed at 24 locations, including Bandra, Santacruz and Khar railway stations, Bandra Fort and Almeida Park.

Mumbai's first 'Bicycle Mayor' (position bestowed by Amsterdam-based non-profit group BYCS), Firoza Dadan from Smart Commute, has played a significant role in the expansion of plans. Highlighting the rising interest in the sport, both as a recreational activity and a commuting choice, especially since the pandemic, Dadan emphasised on the surging demand for cycle parking.

Knock Knock

Mumbaikars might take some time to come to complete terms with this shift from motorised transportation to cycling and, in turn, align with the 2030 target for non-motorised transport infrastructure in cities. However, commuting via bicycles has been deemed beneficial for innumerable reasons.

While the known revolve around better health and sustainable commuting, it has been realised that cyclist fatalities have been zero, even during peak-hour traffic in the bustling city. Contrary to popular opinion placing cycling as a 'dangerous sport', this commuting mean is one of the safest (owing to safety gear like helmets and tail lights) and the most environment-friendly one, too.

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