Goa to follow Maharashtra like SOP for travellers from Delhi to contain rise in Coronavirus cases

Goa to follow Maharashtra like SOP for travellers from Delhi to contain rise in Coronavirus cases

Goa to follow Maharashtra's footsteps in order to curb the growth of coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus pandemic is gaining momentum once again in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, in what many have termed as the 'third wave of infection'. By consequence, states like Maharashtra and other such prime targets of COVID have special protocols for travellers visiting from the NCR and now Goa too has planned on implementing the same protocols.

Fearing the onset of the second wave of the virus, Goa's Health Minister has stated that the state will adopt Maharashtra like SOPs for Delhi passengers arriving by trains and flights in view of a possible domestic infection surge given the increase in tourist influx.

Goa's defence against the 'Second Wave' with new protocols

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Goa, which opened it borders to revive its tourist driven economy, now plans to impose Maharashtra like curbs for travellers coming from Delhi, in fear of a second COVID-19 wave. Earlier, the state Health Minister had stated that there was no need to test or ban travellers arriving at the coastal state and there were no fears till the time Goa's treatment infrastructure thrives.

Goa's administration is introducing a new standardised protocol for all hotels to reserve rooms for positive guests. The Health Minister had pointed out that it was the hotel's responsibility to isolate infected guests in Goa. However, now, the state is building guards in view of the spiked cases in Delhi, following the footprints of Maharashtra, which is considering to ban all flights and trains and trains coming from the National Capital.

Besides travellers, the Health Minister pointed out that the Secretary of Health will also establish protocols for the soon arriving migrant workers. SOPs for industries and testing facilities will also be laid down with promptness, he further pointed out.

At present, Goa's total COVID-19 case count stands at the 46,826 mark, with 1,170 active cases. Recovery in the state stands at 96.05%, yielding 44,979 cured patients. Goa has managed to arrest its daily fresh case rise in the 100-150 range from the high 500-700 range a few months back.

Knock Knock

Goa stands at a critical stage, torn between boosting the economy and curbing the COVID-19 cases. All people travelling to Goa are requested to exercise maximum caution and take all measures to prevent infection of self. We request all our readers to work in tandem with the state and local bodies to hamper the pace of coronavirus in Goa and India.

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