Google Maps Upgrades | Live View, Mumbai Local Train Support, fuel-efficient routing & more

Google Maps Upgrades | Live View, Mumbai Local Train Support, fuel-efficient routing & more

Google announced the expansion of Live View walking navigation, to encompass 3,000 cities nationwide.

Google Maps is enhancing user experience with regional updates, initially for Android and soon for iOS. A seamless exploration experience is further being highlighted with GMap's Live View walking navigation, which is set to cover 3,000 Indian cities. Notably, the Where Is My Train feature will now support real-time tracking for Mumbai and Kolkata local trains, amplifying user convenience.

Google is also introducing a Lens in Maps feature, integrating Google Lens for local information through smartphone cameras - set to debut by January 2024. These advancements underscore Google's commitment to tailor its services for the distinctive needs of the Indian market, revolutionising navigation for Mumbai and Kolkata commuters.

Fuel-Efficient Routing and Beyond in 2024

Google has stated that Live View walking navigation will be rolled out to 3,000 cities across the country, commencing initially on Android devices and extending to iOS later on. Additionally, the Lens in Maps feature, incorporating Google Lens support within the application to leverage the phone camera for local information, is expected to be available by January 2024, as per Google's announcement.

In a conscientious move towards environmental sustainability, Google Maps is poised to introduce a revolutionary feature – fuel-efficient routing. Set to debut in January 2024, this eco-friendly navigation option will be distinguished by a distinctive green leaf symbol, initially available in over 20 cities. This progressive step aligns with Google's dedication to addressing environmental concerns and fostering greener commuting choices.

Looking ahead, users can anticipate additional enhancements to Google Maps in the coming year. Address descriptors and live view walking navigation are on the horizon, expected to roll out early in the year. These upcoming features are designed to contribute to a more immersive and comprehensive mapping experience, tailored specifically to meet the diverse mobility needs of India.

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