Have you visited 'India’s first Neapolitan sourdough pizzeria' in BKC?

Have you visited 'India’s first Neapolitan sourdough pizzeria' in BKC?

A taste of world's pizza capital, right here in Mumbai.

If you're in Bandra-Kurla Complex and you love pizza, then check out Si Nonna's, seated inside Jio World Plaza. It is termed as 'India’s first Neapolitan sourdough pizzeria', that calls foodies on a journey to the sun-soaked streets of Naples. With a legacy steeped in history, Si Nonna's stands as a beacon of authenticity, offering a taste of the universal capital of pizza, right here in Mumbai.

The love of a 'mother dough'

At Si Nonna's, authenticity reigns supreme. Every pizza is freshly crafted from a 'mother dough' - a 500-year-old recipe passed down to the founder from the 'Nonna' of the Galliano family in Naples. Additionally, one of Nonna's instructions to ensure the lightness of a pizza includes a 24-hour fermentation process , which is followed by the kitchen teams every day! So if pizza gives you joy, Si Nonna's will have you heart-eyed.

What's on the menu?

Si Nonna's menu boasts an array of authentic Neapolitan pizzas, from classic Margheritas to bold Pepperonis and spicy Chorizos, each bursting with flavours reminiscent of the cobbled streets of Naples. But it's not just about the toppings; it's about the meticulous attention to detail and dedication to preserving the essence of true Neapolitan pizza-making.

Pizza Calling!

Si Nonna's 4th outlet: BKC
Si Nonna's 4th outlet: BKC

Still reading? Head to Si Nonna's which shines brightly as a bastion of tradition and ingenuity. Whether you're a die-hard pizza fan or just up for trying something new, Si Nonna's will woo your taste buds and have you coming back for seconds!

Cost- ₹1,200 for two (approx.)

Timings- 11:00 AM- 11:00 PM

Location- Unit No. 00-07, Ground Floor, Jio World Plaza, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East | Multiple outlets across Mumbai

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