Here's how BMC's 'Mumbai Model' effectively resolved the pandemic crisis!

Here's how BMC's 'Mumbai Model' effectively resolved the pandemic crisis!

From treatment to management and panic diffusion, the BMC's expansive yet detailed 'Mumbai Model' is admirable

The pandemic control strategy of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has helped Mumbai battle the strongest ever onslaught of the COVID-19 infection. Famed as the 'Mumbai Model', this laudable strategy is a multi-pronged approach to counter the coronavirus spike. A combination defence lineup, the model effectively hampered the uptick of case tallies from 12,000 a day to less than 2,000 in just over a month, following the 5Ts of healing - testing, tracing, treatment, teamwork and tracking to its benefit.

Key characteristics of the 'Mumbai Model'

An effective control strategy of the BMC Municipal Commissioner and his team of vigilant officers helped to dissipate the COVID-19 scare by the force of a high-impact COVID-19 defence strategy. The efficacy of this expansive yet extremely detailed Mumbai Model has been acknowledged by the Supreme Court as well, and can be used as a prototype approach across India to get over the coronavirus scourage.

The 'Mumbai Model' has been defined as a sound management system of resources and supplies amid the present-day shortage. It has proved its grit and can be deployed, with on-ground adjustments, in the virus-hit regions of the country to dissipate the COVID scare.

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